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Structural Retrofitting solutions across India

We are pleased to introduce Sanrachana Structural Strengthening Pvt Ltd. leaders in the field of ​​Structural Retrofitting. We offer and execute solution​s​ for ​​structural strengthening of RCC structures, Repairs, Seismic Retrofitting, Blast up-gradation for industrial, commercial, and infrastructural civil structures like, commercial places, Industrial Structures, […]

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Smart Cities Living Up to the Pandemic Hype!

Heard that Vitamin D is good for bones, it is a life compound when activated by Sun’s UV rays triggers a series of biochemical reactions converting to an active substance that awakes more than 900 genes, namely it strikes our suppressed / mutated DNA or the universally unique genome code. No need to ponder – as we’re neither responsible for its origin or its possible disappearance, sooner or later.

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A Social Media Wing to watch / spy the society – stalking critics to save cronies?

Focus on uprising urban youth carrying fancy app-centrist gadgets with creative state sponsored advert bytes abusing AI and Big Data! Sounds like, instead of fixing the root cause called, corrupt approach to public life and governance, they are venturing to fix and dare the uprising commoners with help of smarty babus, loot wing think-tanks and profiteering agencies.

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Strike back financial terror and its glorified human trafficking

Greatest threat to humanity is the fact that half of the psychopaths are busy in “financing terror” rest are smart sociopaths profiting from “terror in finance” capitalism. As guinea pigs, financial revolutions are needed only for 99% commoners, to not fulfill any obligations, to refuse cooperating with the system as it currently exists. Why keep paying our hard-earned rights to the capital mob? We know our resources could be better spent.

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