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On Earth Day, started a construction project – अर्थ डे पर पौधे लगा कर किया शुभारम्भ

‘रिसोर्ट स्टाइल लिविंग’ थीम पर आधारित इस परियोजना में ग्राउंड फ्लोर पर 100% ग्रीन एरिया होगा और हरियाली व पर्यावरण पर खास ध्यान देने वाली कंपनी ने परियोजना का निर्माण कार्य भी पौधे उगा कर शुरू किया

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Jugaad Parenting or No Parenting – reverse degraded value systems!

Sadly, honesty is not a trading commodity as yet, share if some thug DNA parents and teachers are mutating future kids with lies, hypes and fear. Am I? So what! Sarcasm is a necessary element in survival kit when you’re surrounded by equally sarcastic hypes especially in opaque, celebrity / brand obsessed mobs dumping its own cultural value systems, justifying that we are becoming some advanced selfie-driven IoT tech robots capable of sailing beyond milky way!

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Data eating, vomiting and recycling are at all-time high now!

Toyota’s Woven is a prototype city of future where all ecosystems are connected with data, located in Susono City, Shizuoka. This Japanese Prefecture (beta panopticon!) project claims to create some human-centered, living laboratory, and ever-evolving communities integrated with autonomy, robotics, AI, smart homes, and various other technologies and services for its filtered lots.

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Prime Ornaments, Arts & Crafts market place

Prime Ornaments offers handcrafted products across a wide range of mediums and materials from creative entrepreneurs for discerning buyers. Some of the well known artistic partners and brands who are showcasing their work include Pratap SJB Rana, Gopal Namjoshi, Earthifacts, Shunya, Sona Pottery, FayaKun Design Studio and more. The product range includes art, photography, ornaments, pottery, jewellery and more.

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Historical, Cultural and Natural Complexities of the Himalayas: Kashmir, Ladakh, Tibet

Clear linear borders did not existed in the Himalayas because its free inhabitants and deeply religious communities conceptualized it differently, and because it was difficult and pointless even for political states to clearly delineate borders in sparsely populated high altitude areas, unlike today when all global contenders are hungry for more resources / land grabbing for more of its millionaires and projects of development via destruction!

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Garbage Film / OTT Streaming on TV + Mobile

Old TV and film players are as much a part of streaming entertainment industry as the agile tech bros are. And they are all profiting from selling the same thing, infinitely. They are incentivized to turn film and television into “commodities” to be traded and hoarded in order to capture subscriptions, which leads to dilution of both quality & vitality for cinematic form.

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Curious democracy entry exit polls owned by Artificially Intelligent cronies

अब की बार मोबाइल वॉर: Helicopter aunties, desperate media barkers, religion tourists, ऑनलाइन प्रचार remains 100% guaranteed this summer which is also keeping the govt employees enjoying the heat waves serving non-public affairs 24/7.. most of citizen’s day-to-day works and rights are being re-shined and paused until this great ache-din EVM Gamble concludes!

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Artificial Heatwave: Temperature soar as green shields smartly burnt-out for development

As extreme climate tests power grids which is leading to water and electricity shortages, experts blame late coming western disturbances – nature’s extra-tropical weather systems formed over the Mediterranean Sea that is supposedly enslaved to move from west to east despite all man-made artificial horrors or obstacles.

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