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Taiwan International Lifestyle & Property Show

Over 80 international real estate firms and lifestyle product companies from the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong, China and the Middle East have expressed firm interest in attending the show, which will be held at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Centre, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Republic of China.

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Escaping the AI & Hype Garden

The Charming Looters Cult of Global Gujjustan, neither Bharat or India… If we want a sustainable economy that is not dictated by greedy folks who’ve happily sold us out to billionaire crooks setting the planet on fire for profit and planning their safe caves on moon, we’re going to have to learn to prioritize documenting, distributing, and publicizing the truth ourselves.

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TFAANG & Co force-feeding ads & sermons based on big data theft via mobile apps

How was Linux Australia coerced to change stance? Chanakya durniti aayog political parties were abusing social media PR cum marketing for bumper votes, and sponsored branding, now the same so-called tech innovation balloons are haunting and fighting back for long-term continuity and its ROI capitalism. Ironic all-round abuse of 99% social slaves.. pissing-off VC-driven tech corns flying with “Show me the revenue growth” models.

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The lucrative mafia cum development messiahs – Cut, Dig & Mine for free-fall bucks!

Big machines would scrape the seafloor, scooping up nodules while kicking up clouds of sediment, potentially damaging the deep sea on a vast scale by removing habitat and species and altering ecosystems. But the capitalists have better gujju-type imperial ideas.. Instead of studying and learning, let’s tear and bulldoze the seafloors and spaces apart in order to make money, lots and lots of money, for X trillions GDP targets, towards economic supremacy greed while smartly covering-up its future consequences!

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Pervasive government surveillance – digital devices as colonising tools!

Notes for Policy Jokers: Do not use generative AI tools in any aspect of public services without getting one-to-one approval from each citizen, until you’re able to truthfully explore the opportunities and the risks they bring, the public terms of use for almost all of these tools also carry significant legal and national risks for protecting human rights, privacy, intellectual property and other rights.

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From Spy Scripts to Hype Apps: Technology is advancing backwards!

The politically cherished companies are now openly and daringly experimenting over Internet and inserting whatever stuff can increase its apps ROI, even premier spy agencies jumped into petty propaganda to stalk govt critics and please its bosses (NOT really to secure citizens but mostly to put them in harms way) Pledge to kiss your Smartphone everyday via NSG / NSA lips!

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Give up ChorBhakti and practice Swami Vivekananda, not just PR salvage!

Do not forget that if you are getting subsidized energy, education, housing, health or anything else – you are not taking any freebies or sucking from the government reserves. You have already paid for your own so-called subsidy and for many others, in form of multiple taxes you pay every hour to reckless governments and few of its beneficiary bhakts – the consolidated funds of Indian Union is NOT filled by any branded parties or its charming leaders!

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Why clean organizations and governments must avoid cronies of Darwin’s grapevine?

What is Project Trillion Dollars GDP? Priced low or offered for FREE just to attract as many human pigs possible and cut competition. The celebrities sponsoring / promoting such ideas / brands are cronies of Darwin’s grapevine.. consequences cannot be established with short-term view or misguided corn of uni-wisdom binaries.

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77+ Years Old Republic – An Organically Diverse Union – Happy Independent Souls

Beware of gujju class ruling elite’s new AI mantra “Har Ghar Divide to Rule” abusing finer technologies including mobile / digital devices.. In every given circumstance of life and time… the analogy of I and you always holds good! No meaning of I, as a standalone reference to any living being 🇮🇳 Celebrate #Independence of I, Liberate #अमृत souls

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Rain is falling, city contractors dancing like peacocks – chama-cham!

Rains are earth’s age-old cure for depleting groundwater, even a KG kid will suggest those “be practical” shouting so-called development policy making messiahs to remove greedy concrete, human barriers & artificial chokes to allow natural soaking… or face and push citizen slaves into as many disasters chanting more development for tight-wing cum crooked supremacist gangs.

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