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Investments in Construction Industry to Support Economic Development Targets

May 4, 2016: In the wake of low oil prices, Government is focusing on the development of a robust construction industry to reach the projected economic growth figures. Increased spending in infrastructural projects in areas such as transport, healthcare, housing, energy, manufacturing units and education […]

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Realtor Portal Joint Marketing Program facing scrutiny in US

In essence, property aggregation service providers are been accused of creating programs and apps which invites agents and lenders to violate laws by having lenders pay for a portion of agent participation on their website – synonym for fraud, stolen trade, profiteering etc. While never […]

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Digital Payments Market reaching $10 Trillion+ ?

Technological advancements and tweaks has been the first and foremost reason behind the skyrocketing growth of companies in current FinTech bubble. Digital commerce market is the largest segment of digital payment market because of heightened transactions for e-commerce which have grown due to highly developed internet ecosystem and high smart mobile apps penetration.

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Cronies and co bribe buying your secrets from social media for malicious profiling

It’s both smart and essential for vulnerable job seeking preys to remember that much of what they post to the Internet – and equally important, what others post about them – can be freely found or bought by prospective big fish employers, and that can affect their chances of getting hired or fired down the road, and even much worse consequences for smaller fishes in other walks of life.

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