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Artificial Heatwave: Temperature soar as green shields smartly burnt-out for development

As extreme climate tests power grids which is leading to water and electricity shortages, experts blame late coming western disturbances – nature’s extra-tropical weather systems formed over the Mediterranean Sea that is supposedly enslaved to move from west to east despite all man-made artificial horrors or obstacles.

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Curious democracy entry exit polls owned by Artificially Intelligent cronies

अब की बार मोबाइल वॉर: Helicopter aunties, desperate media barkers, religion tourists, ऑनलाइन प्रचार remains 100% guaranteed this summer which is also keeping the govt employees enjoying the heat waves serving non-public affairs 24/7.. most of citizen’s day-to-day works and rights are being re-shined and paused until this great ache-din EVM Gamble concludes!

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Farmers who commit suicide are cowards & be treated as criminals, if possible terrorists!

Let’s say, “looter chaplusi” and “spiritual patience” are better alternatives. Of course, he like many other maharajas and emperors, had thought through their such divide to rule ideas before preaching just for fun or snap votes – abused / showcased by these popularly branded gangs running to rule masses by hook or crook!

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Where are REAL black cats of loot? Election time or not, who cares!

More corrupt financial capitalism fostering the culture of scams and collection extortion via suit-boot executives in collusion with cyber cells, call centers and mobile apps mafia. Scams have centered around malpractices in governance: owners and promoters of big companies, political parties and institutions have defrauded citizens to enrich and develop themselves smartly abusing legal, accounting, security, taxation, enforcement, investigative and documentation systems.

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Strike back financial terror and its glorified human trafficking

Greatest threat to humanity is the fact that half of the psychopaths are busy in “financing terror” rest are smart sociopaths profiting from “terror in finance”. As guinea pigs, financial revolutions are needed only for 99% commoners, to not fulfill any obligations, to refuse cooperating with the system as it currently exists. Why keep paying our hard-earned rights to the capital mob? We know our resources could be better spent.

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Ladakh is pristine and picture perfect?

If Ladakh is left open to this kind of free-for-all, with no safeguards, mining contractors and greedy gujju colonizers will surely flock-in to conquer nature.. To be a global leader, Ladakh surely deserves being developed as a crown in Himalayan megalopolis, isn’t bhakt? The tremors of your short-gaming government’s smart actions today will be felt by generations after decades, and justice is extrapolated to be surprisingly denied for all.

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