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The unexplained “exit” of an exit poll has drawn much comment on social media, bringing into focus the line that separates editorial judgement and deliberate action aimed at appeasing the government of the day. The exit poll was carried out by Axis Ad-Print-Media and it was reportedly commissioned by Network 18, now owned by the Ambani group and whose stable includes few English / Hindi news channels and apps. (Nov 5, 2021)

The purported survey surfaced on the Internet this morning, predicting a sweep for the Alliance. The exit poll projected ABC-DEF seats for the Alliance in a House of XYZ members – by far the rosiest forecast for any group fighting the elections whose official results are scheduled to be declared soon. Other exit polls had forecast a definite win for the Alliance while one had predicted ABC seats. An exit poll broadcast by NDTV (Adani kitty) forecast ABC-DEF seats and XYZ-KLM seats to the Alliance. The beneficiary business parties have also their own internal selfie AI polls with grand adverts and PPT showcases spread over social media, as India is WhatsApp’s biggest market globally with more than half a billion users who spend several hours a day on propaganda platforms like it.

The survey later disappeared from the Net, prompting questions whether the projection was deliberately suppressed with profit motives. India is WhatsApp’s biggest market globally with more than half a billion users who spend several hours a day on this one propaganda platform alone! So अब की बार मोबाइल वॉर: Helicopter aunties, desperate media barkers, religion tourists, ऑनलाइन प्रचार remains 100% guaranteed this summer which is also keeping the govt employees enjoying the heat waves serving non-public affairs 24/7.. most of citizen’s day-to-day works and rights are being re-shined and paused until this great ache-din EVM Gamble concludes! Real results & cool comments in winter!

It is a relatively new name in poll surveys but it had caught attention during the last Delhi Assembly polls as its findings were closest to the final outcome. It had predicted ABC seats..

A senior journalist had tweeted that an “exit poll show” would be aired but had not specifically mentioned the survey. “Exit poll show, begins 5 pm. Stay tuned or synced this whole evening. Voters have done their job now time for bhakts, experts and analysts,” an executive editor had tweeted.

Nov 5, 2015: Channels air some “poll of polls”, a compilation of exit polls done by other polling agencies and commissioned by other news channels. Several newspapers also published a compilation of exit poll projections. “A news channel sponsors a poll and doesn’t telecast because it doesn’t agree with result! Sponsored journalism,” tweeted a journalist.

“Pollsters are commissioned by media houses. The content belongs to the media house. It was not supposed to put it out,” tweeted a journalist who does not work there (says not a लाभार्थी). “The exit poll is absurd; sound editorial judgment not to air it,” said another tweet.

Main-cream Media लाभार्थी do claim use of editorial judgement and discretion while publishing or broadcasting news as well as opinions (?). But the screening process is usually aimed at ensuring that inflammatory and libelous material, especially those that can hurt religious sentiments or cause communal disturbances, does not get into the public domain, really charlie?

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