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Apr 25, 2016: We’ve recently improved channel business affiliates program by adding features that will help wide clientele earn more profit and privileges. A conventional strategy to promote businesses, our channel partnership is a core foundation for third party organizations to generate revenue. With trusted and dedicated partners, the IT Company strives to bring new customers and references to their business, drive growth, and upgrade market value.

It has maintained an economical partnership platform while has kept its offerings high. The motive behind improving their channel program is to deliver an economic option to the partners, while also providing upfront reward and recurring income. Besides, its end-users can join the partnership program conveniently without inviting any additional issues.

According to NK Rath, CEO, “Our partnership model is committed to customer satisfaction, competency and ethical growth. With our channel program, we strive to promote our business by offering our products and services to reach to a larger audience through our channels.”

Presently, we’re involved with the referral channel partner program and elite partnership program. The company offers web hosting solutions, managed servers, web / mobile development solutions and other data center solutions and services. With alliances and services range, we provide a host of services to our partners.

Our partners are mostly SMEs, some of whom share business relationship where both the parties form an affiliation and resell each other’s products and services under their own business brand. Become a partner now.

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