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There is no end to the troubles of food supplies and consumer welfare minister for his alleged links with some deposit collection company, which had gifted neta luxury cars as kickback. There are a lot of rats at FCI godowns. These rats secretly eat rice, sugar and wheat in the godowns. Should we remove the stocks to save the food grains or check the entry of rats? The wise man will single out the rat and drive it out of the godown smartly. You don’t need to kill the rat, because it will die automatically.

Now the improvised rats even eat raided drugs in police stations, poor milking cat’s food chain is getting poisoned! Quick-buck criminals can inject poison or chemical into any food or drink, spurious liquor is just one example, a Desi-distillery in bahubali (funding the neta) backyard is fine if just meant for personal / private consumption, not for profiteering sale to addicted poor, perfect example of manufactured disaster.

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