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Unlike Twitter, Whatsapp or Facebook, which are controlled by centralized authorities and few cronies (capitalists), GNU social seems like a more transparent network of independently decentralized servers called nodes. Federation technology allows users to communicate between nodes, preserving the unified experience of traditional social media systems, and the open GNU social freedom software allows anybody with an Internet connection to start their own public or private node and join the network. These administrators can even customize their nodes to suit the unique needs of their users.

Since GNU social is decentralized, it’s harder for a company or government to censor content or shut down the network when they feel threatened by it, which is becoming norm in modern societies lead by crooks. This is more than a hypothetical threat – it has been attempted multiple times by oppressive governments. Spreading out user data also makes bulk surveillance considerably more difficult, as there is no single database to crack into and copy. No wonder, the loot-wingers hate such ideas with strategic gimmick and playing mass hypnosis tricks.

Popular and not so popular users known for criticizing the ruling elites, cronies or any other political parties or groups of power are bluntly suppressed, in silence partnership of paid media gurus. We must all create our profiles on such GNU social nodes and start posting on our terms. Your followers and friends will be more than willing to follow by boycotting the big brands en masse or even start their own, let there be thousands of Bill Gates, not just a few manageable cronies close to powerful warlords, power brokers and modern emperors.

WP SocialNet: the open democratic system – Signup for a social timeline free from celeb hypes, network for a better world! Build profiles, communities, groups, pages, start conversations, inspire fellow humans.

You can contact OSSPL to build your own Twitter / Facebook like open platform. A Live SocialNet Public Timeline is at https://wisepoint.org

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