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A gang of AI powered white collar cyber-criminals (the smart guys) stole millions by hacking into a database of workers’s prepaid debit cards and draining cash machines around the world. The network used fake cards to target banks in the UAE, Oman etc.. some US court documents claimed. While showing very soft-corners for its digitally imperialistic patriots and anti-trust brands, prosecutors promptly said law enforcement agencies in Japan, Canada, the UK, Romania and 12 other countries were involved in the investigation.

Wonder why Hard Taliban has to sort-win a battle in 10 days running live for 20+ years by Capital Taliban, though these very well-oiled war wheels (getting unpopular?) are non-issue for same law enforcement agencies and will not be as lucrative as digital slavery or bio-warfare now or into future!

Members of the scheme allegedly hacked computer systems (includes mobile infra) to steal data on prepaid debit cards. The cards are pre-loaded with funds rather than being linked to a bank account or a line of credit. They cancelled withdrawal limits and distributed information to accomplices referred to as “cashers” around the world. The cashers then loaded other magnetic stripe cards, such as gift cards or old hotel keys, with the stolen data and used them to withdraw huge sums.

Seven people have been arrested and face charges of conspiracy to commit access device fraud and money laundering. Law enforcement should not stand by as cybercriminals and FAANG Privacy Looters Tech Cartel target our global financial system for their own profits, as per US law makers.

Series: Global Digitability.

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  1. We have no doubt that unless permission-based concepts are introduced to eliminate greedy profiteers, some heavy-handed regulation hype will be implemented for sponsoring capital cronies, and that will seriously affect the whole concept of Social Internet.

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