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Blockchain-based DLT platforms to counter spams / frauds or covert surveillance + profiteering monopolies?

Private operators are cheering and tweeting about new DLT platform, seeing apparent oppurtunities for more profiteering and monopolies.. Predatory data mining brands like Whatsapp, Meta, Private Mob Apps, Finance Mafia, Amazon Flips, Aadhar big data, Banks, Google Bots etc.. are premium AI exceptions though, with marked ministerial jugaad as always!

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Role of social network addicted parents in protecting themselves & vulnerable kids from digital slavery

Tech leaders lust for 5G and Internet of Things is so strong that they are perfectly willing to ignore all human concerns (especially related to children), protests and health concerns. Now we understand how and why they are living out the old nautical phrase, Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Risks don’t matter. Danger doesn’t matter. Collateral damage doesn’t matter.

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Why global leaders are suddenly interested in vedic socialism, pardon विश्वगुरु?

Labor unrest has increased recently due to rising food and energy prices pushing inflation, job loss and employer pay offers failed to keep pace with the increasing cost of living. But political activism by billionaire corporations or technocrats seems to be rather different altogether, and a recent socialist sounding capital phenomenon.

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No lessons from revolts, the corrupt always plans invading wherever its cronies profits are under threat

But what if a communal terrorist is replaced with a financial terrorist? Are we really better-off? Who comes out victorious from a revolution or inqilab or मंथन? Can the corrupt loot-wing bhakts be paralyzed via social change or they keep terrorizing citizens with more inflation, more devaluation, more sedition, more bribes, more taxes, more hypes, more divisions, more genocides, more viruses, more wars, more rapes, more loot..? Watch-out!

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How to Make your own Bulk Surveillance System – Counter Spying!

Only well-resourced parties like govt-run NSA could deploy such a grandiose surveillance program and even share so-called derived intelligence with like-minded spies, smart agencies and cronies worldwide, obviously in exchange for kind or cash. But if your spy needs are more modest, there are a number of existing tools available that offer similar surveillance capabilities, albeit at a smaller scale.

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Smart Cities Living Up to the Pandemic Hype!

Heard that Vitamin D is good for bones, it is a life compound when activated by Sun’s UV rays triggers a series of biochemical reactions converting to an active substance that awakes more than 900 genes, namely it strikes our suppressed / mutated DNA or the universally unique genome code. No need to ponder – as we’re neither responsible for its origin or its possible disappearance, sooner or later.

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