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A Social Media Wing to watch / spy the society – stalking critics to save cronies?

Focus on uprising urban youth carrying fancy app-centrist gadgets with creative state sponsored advert bytes abusing AI and Big Data! Sounds like, instead of fixing the root cause called, corrupt approach to public life and governance, they are venturing to fix and dare the uprising commoners with help of smarty babus, loot wing think-tanks and profiteering agencies.

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Cronies & co buying your secrets from social media for malicious profiling

It’s both smart and essential for vulnerable job seeking preys to remember that much of what they post to the Internet – and equally important, what others post about them – can be freely found or bought by prospective big fish employers, and that can affect their chances of getting hired or fired down the road, and even much worse consequences for smaller fishes in other walks of life.

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System on Module for Medical Devices

TEL AVIV, Israel – August 8, 2022 – Variscite, a leading worldwide provider of System on Modules (SoMs), today announced increasing traction with medical device companies needing highly trusted hardware and software designed for longevity. Variscite has become a premier provider in this space by […]

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Drug smuggling is raison d’etre of Private Banking Cartels like HSBC – UK’s wealthiest finance company!

Just to whitewash corrupt wealth gathered such “financial terrorist” groups keep their money laundering checks to themselves and its bhakts. These are clearly very clever institutions with much to hide – leaks, scam hypes and papers only expose tip of rotten mountains, the ruling elite of anti-social elements have no national, ideological or ethical boundaries, but just imposing / bullying its empire by hook or crook!

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