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A social media + citizen news portal minus popular hype! Sharing value based info instead of hoarding it.. join the raw ideas movement. News and press release by media professionals, citizen journalists and general public. All views expressed do not necessarily reflect official policy. Open & transparent platform for all to promote / share their economic, social, technical, political & business ideas. Free from hypes, nexus & big daddies – for a wiser world, a raw social media – “सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं” #PinchOfTruth!

A commoners’ advocacy site with highly active community of contributing users with niche and subject-wise press releases, articles, quotes, questions, answers and news stories. We wish to provide the most up-to-date resources. Many submissions, stories, news items, articles, blogs, recipes, events and press releases are reviewed and added every day.

With only the best collection, WisePoint.org also include some editorial tools, email alerts and free journalism. We have strict guidelines about what news, pr, articles and other resources we publish here; they must be specific, topical, true, hype-less and unique.

We manually review some items in random, and any content found to be breaking the rules is removed straight away. Users can report errors or any other issue by voting or sending an email to info@wisepoint.org – journalists, pr agencies, website or business owners and visitors can rate and comment about any user generated content on this site which will affect their position. We also provide Article and PR submission service with articles writing by our panel of professional content writers for a small fee, tailored with research for your industry and website subject.

It is aimed at discerning, mature, educated readers under served by a media obsessed with rumour, bias and ephemera. An indispensable resource and companion to individuals and institutions. Partner with us to experience the difference! We also support many advocacy groups, agencies, movements and social ventures for the poor, health, education, environment, humanities, children, elders & more… help promote causes and build online resources for a better world.

We thrive off story & article submissions from readers, supporters, editors, journalists, customers, partners and employees. If you are a domain expert, technology journalist, web company associate, citizen journalist, a trustworthy brave whistle-blower, freelance editor/writer, Internet research scholar or simply have a different opinion about the world, do not hesitate to submit blogs, articles or press stories. They will be reviewed, published and distributed world-wide. You can also attach related images or videos in gif, jpg, wav, mpeg, mp3, mp4 or png format. Submit your FREE blog – Know more about our media services & citizen reporting practices.

Help members to promote / share their economic, social, technical ideas though right-winger bhaktoists or cronies hate us, spread rumors, plot bans, bla bla. Come or be it whatever, we’re committed to help readers make / share wise and transparent points. You can contact us for media services ONLY, clearly mentioning your objective, outlays, name, address and land phones. Incomplete messages will be ignored or just marked spam.