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Real Estate Agency & Brokerage Practices in India – Trends / Tips

A reputation for integrity and ethical business conduct will be quite important in agency business anywhere in the world. Finally, if you works hard, plays hard and thinks fast – success in somewhere near you. Successful people are tenacious, dependable, inspiring, helpful and highly driven. Get a Real Estate PR blog and start spreading good things.

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Wait until Google & its AI empire gets even more smartly malicious?

A commit in Nazi AOSP is titled “Add deprecation warning to adb backup / restore”. An attack warning will be shown whenever any slave user run tools in many latest software releases / updates fearfully brainwashing en-masse that open and democratic features might not stick around, better surrender to we the govt-appointed corns & private daemons!

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Data consumption, abuse & breaches at large corporations are at all-time high now!

This exploitation has extended into the age of data, where corporate agriculture tech giants sell proprietary software to farmers that funnel enormous amounts of valuable data into closed and proprietary databases (Sources for BIG data), which is then used to sell more seed, inputs, and hardware back to the farmers. Abusing machine-learning AI botnets as spy agents, these branded Internet abusers throttle small competitors everywhere for benefit of its loving imperial aggregate big tech FAANG with help of its local desi and NRI profiteering gangs

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Escaping the AI & Hype Garden

The Charming Looters Cult of Global Gujjustan, neither Bharat or India… If we want a sustainable economy that is not dictated by greedy folks who’ve happily sold us out to billionaire crooks setting the planet on fire for profit and planning their safe caves on moon, we’re going to have to learn to prioritize documenting, distributing, and publicizing the truth ourselves.

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TFAANG & Co force-feeding ads & sermons based on big data theft via mobile apps

How was Linux Australia coerced to change stance? Chanakya durniti aayog political parties were abusing social media PR cum marketing for bumper votes, and sponsored branding, now the same so-called tech innovation balloons are haunting and fighting back for long-term continuity and its ROI capitalism. Ironic all-round abuse of 99% social slaves.. pissing-off VC-driven tech corns flying with “Show me the revenue growth” models.

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The lucrative mafia cum development messiahs – Cut, Dig & Mine for free-fall bucks!

Big machines would scrape the seafloor, scooping up nodules while kicking up clouds of sediment, potentially damaging the deep sea on a vast scale by removing habitat and species and altering ecosystems. But the capitalists have better gujju-type imperial ideas.. Instead of studying and learning, let’s tear and bulldoze the seafloors and spaces apart in order to make money, lots and lots of money, for X trillions GDP targets, towards economic supremacy greed while smartly covering-up its future consequences!

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