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Looking around at the world today, I can come up with no truer sentiment. The world we have created, the world we insist we must live in, despite all evidence to the contrary, is doomed. It is unsustainable. It is unmanageable. It is out of control, and killing our god’s planet, and all the wonderfully diverse species on it.

And, we don’t care.

That, my fellow meat skeletons on a spinning rock in space, is why we are completely and totally screwed. We could hope that our deep love for our child, or our beloved pet, or a favorite place we live in or travel to would engender in us a love of all things, and a desire to protect them.

It doesn’t.

There are a handful of people, on global scale, for whom their hearts have cracked open to the world. So, they fight. They fight for places. They fight for people. They fight for the poor, and hungry, and abused across all species lines. Its no surprise as historically, social reformers & left revolutionaries were “The Greatest Sitting Targets of Mockery” for greedy populists & its jugaad clones – our modern hyper bhakts carry same but diluted genome variants.

But the rest of us…not so much.

We know our political / social justice systems are corrupt. We know banking and wall streets are full of corrupt SenSEX pimps & capital bullies. We know insurance agencies, and drug companies, and energy corporations are corrupt. Hell, we know most of the world worships the corrupt celebrities out of fear.

But, here’s the thing: we give a damn and enjoy the feast!

We used to be a culture that would even go to war with ourselves, when necessary, to ensure freedom / protection of the oppressed and uphold “dharma”. We were willing to die for a cause. Now, even not driving the car for 3 days is really a lot to ask.

It used to be that we didn’t know as much. Now, the news, the facts are everywhere. Information is only seconds away in our media + mobile app obsessed culture. We can’t say we don’t know. We have to say we don’t care. We eject kids every second just for slavery & greed.

We like to pretend we are the heroes of the story. But, the fact is, if we were watching the film of our existence play out on a huge screen in the dark, we would see our true nature. We are the hardhearted villains of the story called Planet A.

We let poor people go hungry while we party for some IPL or Celeb Fan Party Club. We let the farmers and workers without land / water or right harvest prices & wages, children struggle for an education, elderly people go without healthcare they can’t afford while we go Amazonia, Cashless or Flikcart AI shopping with our corporate commissions for silence (called 6-fig salary).

We allow animals to be tortured in labs while we carefully apply our new cosmetics.

We ignore baby calf, a day or two old, being torn from their mothers and locked in tiny plastic crates while we happily go out for ice cream with iPhone.

We allow wild animals to be kidnapped from their families and locked in tiny tanks and cells, while we eat popcorn, share via ChatGPT and applaud as they do viral tricks.

We pretend we don’t know that entire Eco-systems are burned to the ground, while we eat our pouch of oil coated crunchy chips staring the curvy Mac dashboards.

We turn a blind eye to the human rights & immoral acts we ignore, the animal and environmental holocaust we are committing.

We like to think ourselves a noble, beautiful species. We like to imagine ourselves as the pinnacle of Creation. Make no mistake…

We are not.

There is nothing noble in our self-centered infatuation.

There is nothing beautiful in causing pain and suffering.

And we must know, in all it’s truthful finality, that we are the ultimate cause of pain and suffering for every other species on the planet.

We are the hunter shooting a mother. We are the executioner. We are the Commander in Beasts of No Nation. We are the government experimenting on E.T. and tribal natives.

We are the true villains of this story. And, as all great stories go, the villain must fall.

So, who will be the hero in this tale? A plague, set off by bacteria released from warming ice sheets? The sulfur rising from the ocean, smothering out the oxygen? The catastrophic lack of food, once the bees all die off? The Moon’s anger releasing oceanic floodgates?

Only time will tell.

But, we must face that we are the Earth’s cancer. We are also like its chemotherapy, taking our planet’s body, and all its beautiful systems, including our own, to the brink of destruction.

Her skin will turn gray, her hair will fall out, her rivers will run poisoned, her green cover will burn out, her creatures will die off naturally or prematurely by tit-for-tat nukes.

And then, if enough of the human cancer has been destroyed, enough so that the stranglehold we have around the life cells of the planet has loosened and she can breathe, maybe life will return to her. Maybe she will heal. Or, maybe, this time she will not make it and we can safely blame god!

We don’t really care.

We are not willing to face our truth, to adjust our lives, and to sacrifice what is necessary to save ourselves, our fellow species, and our home itself.

That, my fellow humans, my fellow villains, is why we are so utterly, completely, and willingly fu#*ed.

Source: huffingtonpost.com
Christina Laughlin @FountainofLeo

10 thoughts on “My fellow humans, we are fu#*ed!

  1. In 1920s, oil was discovered under the Osage Indian Nation reservation, in Oklahoma. Then the murders began: http://nyer.cm/ODtXBPj – more than 90% of global conflicts are for controlling resources like land & oil. No ideology, nationalism, religion, patriotism or any emotional big words will fit to describe such crooked celebrity leaders. Howdy #PeaceDay That’s what the world needs to make sure children everywhere have a bright future. Do #ClimateStrike for kids everyday!

  2. By paying to political piggy banks, crooked business cronies continues to treat our Earth like their forefather’s private playgrounds, the so-called creatively desperate ventures outputs a dangerously high & dry climate for future kids

  3. A million such soft media bites cannot justify the root cause: infinite human greed. Don’t get trapped in global petroleum / fossil fuel lobby including few of our own desi gujjus.. The mother of all plastics, “Polymerization” is not natural science, its private chemical reactions for profit which shrewd business cronies can hardly afford to let go, as this article pretend to be a science lover, think Newton’s 3rd Law!

  4. Happy Polluters Day Greetings! No World Environment or Population Day PR can save? The rulers and leaders need more gangs of offspring consumers as its zombie supporters. So its no to truth, no to adjust lives, no to sacrifices necessary to save species, and our homes. Just more greed, more bank balance, more corrupt shit. Five years ago at the United Nation climate talks in Paris, world leaders agreed to limit global warming to 1.5°C. This marked an unprecedented agreement between countries and hinted towards a new era for the climate movement. Yet, over the last 5 years, emissions keep on rising.

    Record breaking climate impacts continue to destroy hundreds of thousands of lives and livelihoods. Why? Because banks, governments, and so-called successful companies still pour public money – our money – into fossil fuel projects for self-gain, spreading pandemics as by-products.

    We must turn up the pressure to end the flow of money for god’s fossil fuel loot and keep it in the ground, and if required push back those greedy capitalist godi-ani gujju kings into their right places.

    Happy or Horrific, a new year is a new year. Greetings.

  5. Greedy people always chant “me, me, me, I, I, I” with very little regard for needs and feelings of others. A perfect celebrity like marriage made in hell is: Greed weds Envy! While greed is a strong desire for more and more possessions beyond what one really deserves or needs (such as wealth and power), envy goes one step further and includes a strong desire by greedy people for looting possessions of others.

  6. Another twist for the twisted religious bhakts. How I act, talk or write are controlled by some unknown forces just like I’m alive at 20:46 4 Jan 9023 or may be Führer will allow to breathe in its empire for another 10 more roman years or less.. so I salute to your Arctic from a tiny little of mine! Pandemic lessons were not enough, greedy terrorists want more inhouse collateral damages to profit its secret NRI lovers – welcoming the obvious strategic end game?

  7. “When you plug a smart phone to charger, it draws a negligible amount of energy compared with other electronics items like a laptop or fridge.” “But add in the amount of electricity it takes to move data across networks to deliver a total of, say, an hour of those propaganda viral videos to a smart phone or tablet each week, and over a year it adds up to more power than two new Energy Star fridges consume in a year.” Read more..

  8. If unable to find balance and truth, learn to say NO loudly to power and its local agents! Spare & pardon the powerless masses worshiping deep-fakes or electing pimps out of fear & no-choice. Its gross blunder taking orders from deshbhakt masked AI gangs to extract some jugaad inputs from your own neighborhood species for more polishing elitist greed who will oblige and shall keep abusing the planet. Bounce-back if you are either fully enslaved, bribed or brainwashed by capital-wing cats.

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