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As we move promotion drives further north around Russia, can there be fruitful anti-terrorism talks at various gatherings without anti-cronies and anti-loot walking stances in smoking-out the corrupt? You will not need military cooperation agreements or geopolitical strategic partnerships, if corruption and cronies driven capitalist systems are abolished and replaced. Logically, the arms dealers carrying the age-old colonial DNA will not like such anti-profiteering straight talks, the more complex terror tentacles are made to look or sound, the more enticing horror stories and bucks to be made! Our defense suppliers and dealers have reasons to exaggerate threats of terrorism or war, most of which are just acts of unofficial majoritarian violence, some acts of political mafia, common sufferers are citizens at large. Meanwhile, we should also thank god as origins of financial terrorism mostly emanates from the west and so cleaning will need less ammunition.

This is the only way business, the army, and east will benefit. We don’t care about paper friends, luring all with its zillions selfie-dollar. The so-called paper friends you say we should abandon are the ones that have helped it for 6+ decades. No-one knows what exactly is a superpower? Still asks do you really think that the US or EU will allow India to become a rival superpower? But again why compete them, why can’t just build your own alternative systems, avoiding comparisons? If Russia thinks Pakistan is more important than India, then good luck. Why should Russia be judged by different standards than US? Answer: Russia did not gave billions of dollars in aid (bribery) to Pakistan & other leaders in conflicting countries, unlike the US.


If India has good relations with the US, which supports Pakistan, then it can have good relations with Russia, as well, even if they sell weapons or energy to Pakistan or China. If it’s good for the goose (US), then it’s good for the gander (Russia). India has moved on, and wants prosperity, not rubbish sentimental relationships. If you don’t like that, then you can meet us down there. But the so-called sentimental or nostalgic relationships we refer to are the ones that have politically and militarily supported us on the international stage for more than half a century.

Unless if the viruses or vaccines has drastically mutated our brains so that we can even kill our own parents to score points on an AI driven VR game / app, a social media heat-map, a bullish capital stock or a funded bank account. Prioritizing for temporary financial prosperity / profit of few oligarchs cum cronies over existing, historic, ideological and strategic relationships is a dangerous mistake that can take decades to recover – or invite an endgame sooner.

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