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Unending profiteering possibilities remains the “great financial asset” for millionaires / billionaires funding elections in many so-called mutating democracies, fueling the vicious capital cycle! How do we manage their “hoarding concept” that human growth mandates destructive greed and spreading white lies via anti-social media to divide and rule? What do houses, streets, telephones and microchips have in common? They all contain processed sand. The Developing South Asian and African countries are raising the alarm because of their disappearing beaches, greens, city blue skies and river beds.

Like millionaire election-sponsoring dons in other areas, the sand mafia is emboldened by political support, within 50 km of any construction site, there is likely to be daring sand mining going on along river banks and coastal areas. The development-hungry construction industry uses river bed sand to mix with concrete and for making bricks, as construction is now contributing almost 10% to gross domestic product. It’s a quick buck-making industry with very little investment. All you need is a truck, laborers, a driver, and a place to go and mine, a cut for police (smart cronies and their neta agents) keeps them happy as ever.

The coasts of Ghana and Kenya, as well as those of Cape Verde and Zanzibar, are lined by picturesque beaches strewn with the finest sand making them perfect postcard idylls. But what if Africa’s dream beaches suddenly lost their sand and only had dirt and gravel to offer?

Many attacks have been perpetrated by the sand mafia, activists and Government officers have been threatened at gunpoint, attacked and killed all over the country. A short term trick is to find an environment friendly substitute for sand, until then, expect illegal sand mining to continue, whether followed by mainstream media or not. In longer term, a culture of hating quick buck making messiahs will bring real change.

Zanzibar has less and less sand due to excessive use of sand for construction projects in the semi-autonomous archipelago that forms part of Tanzania. Official statistics from the Department of Forestry and Non-Renewable Natural Resources show that almost 5 million tons of sand were mined on Zanzibar between 2005 and 2018. This amount equals around 200,000 full truckloads and bucks for the “mafia of development messiahs”!

This is only the official mining. Unofficial numbers could be many times. Liberal Mining Permits by anti-Liberal: Big business, loose regulation, silencing activists via smart labeling and deep state’s managed propaganda!

It is not only African cement works which profit from the exploitation of sand. One of the main customers for African sand is the desert country of Dubai, which wants to enlarge its coast. For a fancy island project “The Palm Jumeirah” alone, 200 million cubic meters of sand and stone were used. Some of the sand was taken from the sea off Dubai’s own coast but a large amount came from African beaches.

Deep-Space and Deep-Sea Mining Could Begin Soon, regulated or whatever the heck.. Mining the seafloor could boost global production of clean energy technology (???) – and destroy the oceans in the process. Big machines would scrape the seafloor, scooping up nodules while kicking up clouds of sediment, potentially damaging the deep sea on a vast scale by removing habitat and species and altering ecosystems. But the capitalists have better gujju-type imperial ideas.. Instead of studying and learning, let’s tear and bulldoze the seafloors and spaces apart in order to make money, lots and lots of money, for X trillions GDP targets, towards economic supremacy greed while smartly covering-up its future consequences!

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  1. Let’s treat the earth better. A clean environment is not a luxury. It is a right, and it is a massive opportunity for sustainable development. Join the millions determined to take #ClimateAction & protect the planet #EarthDay #GlobalGoals

  2. Desi Success Mantra: 50% jugaad, 40% luck, 10% knowledge. Saab ka Sath during vote cum election gaming, else Bhaktoists ka Vikas 24/7. Such political hypocrites admit the existence of values higher than those of people, party or economic interests. 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, many within decades, more than ever before in human history. It is urgent to act now to avoid catastrophe! – https://on.unesco.org/2GYic8D

  3. Gujju-Type Capitalistic Monopolies jugaad exported.. west prefers stealth side of विश्वगुरु Corporatism and #अमृत CorruptionOfScale for AI manipulable profiteering. Bot-jugaad Trolling: New user tools must allow for greater control with regard to harassing and derogatory messaging – beyond muting, blocking, reporting, and unfollowing. We need strong counter-responses to onslaughts of smart crooks.

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