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Financial, healthcare, technological and climate crisis are apparently sweeping aside many established ideas of how societies should run their economies and one measure is how to stop business schools churn out jargon-spewing vandals, who later proudly gather wealth with smart corruption / white wash of public resources – success have many colors, IIM IIT Type-C Premier Mutants can be quarantined only if political commissions dry out for various reasons. Even our Vedic Chandal was far better than such mixed-breed Vandal.

Barring few random changes and exceptions, its always business schooling as usual after some crocodile tears. The real question is not whether business schools need to change, but how. Management education needs to start again from scratch and just not focus on teaching capitalist cronies how to satisfy their devil appetites by fooling, sucking and looting as many living beings possible within currently acceptable legal / societal rules or alternative value systems.

Obviously those strictly following management vandalism tend to outperform their peers in all the measures like productivity, development and return on corporate capital. Many companies & governments in the developing world are desperate to hire more jerky nuts & other gurus in order to improve their approach to jugaad management and crooked branding.

The real argument is: Why should business schools NOT put more emphasis on business ethics and real corporate social responsibility? Business leaders and educators need to learn that economic history is punctuated with crises, pandemics and disasters, that booms inevitably give way to busts, and that the business or social cycle, having survived many predictions of extinction, continues to prey on the modern economy. The credit-08 or covid-19 crunch might have come as less of a surprise if all those new-age venture capital pumped entrepreneurs had been taught that there were 150+ banking frauds / crises around the world since 1970, most of which were preceded by booms in house prices, healthcare, new tech gamble and stock markets, large capital inflows and rising public debt + private millionaires.

For both short-term crisis management and long-term decisions, it is imperative that policy-makers, bankers, teachers, investors and students understand clearly what went wrong with the world economy. B-Schools should encourage people who are willing to bite the hands that feed them, to prick business bubbles, revolt against cronies, expose management fads, vaccinate the viruses and generally rough up the most feted managers and leaders.

The photo-shopped ads, media shows and NLP talks are some of the false faces behind which blind bhakts want to hide – beautiful “development packaging” hype. It is crony capitalism which makes 1% of population so rich that they control lives of majority. May god liberate us from the greedy / corrupt assholes!

Think You Might Get Fired? Start a competing firm to snatch bucks from those who’re firing you. Simply organic zero-sum or if you have looted resources, pay the expensive consulting therapist for managing the lows anyhow.. we call this #jugaad in India!

One thought on “Business schools need drastic reforms learning from global disasters: Stop Type-C Mutants

  1. Schools are for selfless transfer of knowledge upholding civilizational value systems, not capital hoarding machines, start a Amazonia shop for that. Either you’re with future kids or dying for extra bucks / fame, no mid-way or centrist approach feasible, soon expect revolt by same children who are abused, gambled and tricked by the populists 24/7.

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