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We used to salute soldiers dying to really protect a border, ideology, human dignity & honor, not for promoting party or geo politics and profiteering leadership currently ruling most of the conflicting countries involved. As is the case since many decades, “some goons attack army, killing unprepared soldiers. Police cry militants attacked the headquarters, close to the Line of Control of ruling party bosses. “If the militants responsible for the attack have recently infiltrated via LoC / LaC / LC / BC or have been part of an existing group here is being established”, they may propagate to media barkers. Dying human soldiers and commoners are more like collateral damage to keep the capitalism EGO boiling and nationalism HYPE rolling for the ruling class elites, deep state and celebrities strategically spread across the globe – connected via many common and/or complex threads..


In times of hi-tech space surveillance; terror intentions, love & respect for fellow human lives are much more powerful than geographical or local tech knowledge.. when will viciously armed hegemony raise above loot-wing branded politics of bigot or tyranny for bucks and fame? Terrorists Attack -> Innocents Die -> Leaders Condemn -> No Real Actions Taken -> Crony Culture Strengthens -> Everybody Silently Developing -> Terrorists Attack again… no-one will exactly break the golden eggs or root causes – hidden multi-polar plots producing terror chickens feeding the 1% war mongering international cronies wearing multiple masks, including that of arms / weapons dealers, party funders and exporters!

Natural or manufactured disputes cum fights among locals / natives come as lucrative bonuses for traders of arms, currency, votes, stocks, insurance, media items, minerals, banking fancy, goods and services. Make no mistake, nations or states are not fighting, conflicting or disputing each other in reality – its organized #लोमड़ी cronies vs the scattered & sucked rest! So mind your representative leaders first, why you must blindly worship them despite them being just the fellow humans whom you just touch via the holy EVM for 5 minutes, after 5 years! But we do hear many stories, jingo, rhetoric and reasons except this. National pride is natural and geographical truth, but handsomely sold by leaders to keep engaged the slaves, wahhabis, jugaadu, yankees, jihadis, bhakts.. etc. Our birth-rights are marketed as given back to us by business cronies turned robin-hood sociopaths and religious psychopaths!

Throwing a bomb is bad, Dropping a bomb is good; Terror, no need to add, Depends on who’s wearing the hood! There is no clear, coherent, globally acceptable definition of the concept of terrorism. UN says “any action constitutes terrorism if it is intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians or non-combatants with the purpose of intimidating a population or compelling a government or an international organization to do or abstain from doing any act”. It cannot talk of individual humans due to the enormity of representing our 8 billion+ lot.

The Real Question: Punish or Worship Cronies? Its much greater than fighting for India, China, Iran, Korea, Pakistan, Russia, US, EU, UK, etc…! Why shoot in dark for short-term marijuana escaping global weed of looting / fooling citizens? It will not be surprise to know the sultan general, bhakt mao, emperors, presidents and desi kings cheering inside secret luxury bunkers while hatching sinister disasters, why should the 99% trust 1% greedy anti-socials of any nationality / state, hatching hot or clod wars for profit of its own breed at expense of others?

7 thoughts on “Nations or states are not fighting, conflicting or disputing each other in reality – its organized cronies vs scattered & sucked!

  1. Turn history, the cost of fighting powerful oppressors is always high, compared to bhakt cults licking their masters for future favour!


    What’s the point of leading a bunch of bhakts and lucrative business of democracy politics otherwise? These nationalism reselling robin-hood sociopaths and religious psychopaths are descending lower everyday just to continue abusing power and loot limelight!

  2. A Propaganda of Big Internet Brands: “The deep web is a dangerous place to browse, and you get hackers and viruses attacking you there”

    The deep web or dark net are really just terms that are used in scaremongering. What they really refer to, is all the networking that can’t be accessed via Google. Think about this for a second: this includes company and school intranets; hell, any network that you have to log in to to access is included here. Once you realise this, you realise that it’s not as bad as once thought. It’s also not as big, its REAL & PLAIN internet.

    Another FAANG Propaganda to keep users engaged on tip of their iceberg:
    “There’s nothing but porn and illegal stuff in Dark Net”

    Firstly, people do it on the internet and in real life anyway, so this doesn’t count. Secondly, Deep Web is also used by reporters, protesters, police officers, soldiers, and other people who just want to browse anonymously. Thirdly, there is that on clear net just the same as on dark net. Think of this: Everyday, drug smugglers use roads to transport their drugs. Does that make the roads themselves illegal?

    Another thing to note is that a large number of pornography hidden services are based in Russia, where the legal age of consent is 12. This makes it legal in its country of origin, however international law makes it complex to where you probably will get arrested if you view such content with intent. If you view it by accident (such as clicking a random link that was posted to a hidden services thread), you have not committed a crime if you can prove that was the reason. Usually they won’t mind it anyway and even if some do and its NOT illegal if you just watch it for personal joy, individual privacy is also getting legally stronger.

  3. The invading nazis from GujjuStan & Co wearing greedy saffron masks of JaiSriMoneyBan are here to promote their “West India Company” and its capital-crowned corporate generals, just cool MLM trading human lives for bucks, digital way. They have nothing to do with Ram or Ayodhya or Dharma – just abusing these to decorate their democracy trade. Hyper Capitalists vs other ideologies is always Geo-neutral and funny. They plan harming others for profits of its own gang, and still expect to enjoy flower garlands as return gift birthright now or when the war dust settles. There are powerful auditing forces much beyond fancy technologies and branded leaders

  4. After their demise.. https://www.wisepoint.org/2302

    – Occupied by the Capitalists.
    – Occupied by the Nazi Cronies.

    This is the reason for seeing multiple “Wars for Resources & Ideologies” – the horrors of Twisted Capitalism, Wealth Hoarding, Market Manipulation, Popular Media Propaganda, Tech Abuse and Cronyism are up live again, keep reinventing the wheel forever! After Germany & Japan, now its Project Russia for coordinated western empire since last 200 years?

    In reply to this tweet: https://twitter.com/PeterSweden7/status/1195116992165896192

  5. Except giant tech-bots, Divided States of America doesn’t run the world, but are one of the few at the front of the pack, so the moment it can make strides for the better, the rest of the world can follow suit, or something like that, as long other countries are led by shameless corrupt cronies profiteering from war games they have no moral right to oppose the US openly while enjoying a gang bathe in same capital tub, that’s for sure!

  6. A perfect loot-wing terror offense to a provoked revolutionary defense! https://twitter.com/AP/status/1214752129170247680

    A civilized question is who killed the terrorist? His own terror deeds or some war hysteria for boosting weapons trade, wisely promote the best one, the population are no longer fools! Chest-thumping just for killing fellow humans is below the belt, hellish.

    New BROs 9G gaming – imperial saffron capitalism vs chinki red capitalists – LAC Mahabharata raping Himalaya

  7. As this decade ends, this is where things stand in some wars on terror: $7 trillion wasted, 900,000 killed, 300,000 bonds overseas, dozens of regime change wars (with more in pipeline), and dozens of countries bombed by remote control – and counting. The art of WW programming is the art of organizing complexity, of mastering multitude and avoiding its bastard chaos as effectively as possible. “What’s going on here? Maybe the smart man standing in the corner with slightly smoking OO7 pistol can tell us more or आदि times are almost at threshold now?

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