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Many Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports said that most of the world’s electricity can – and must – be produced from low-carbon sources by 2050. If not, the world faces “severe, pervasive and irreversible” damage. It is very hard to understand why we are so concerned for climate change and not for unsustainable population growth. It is not illegal to have as many children as you want, it is not illegal to light and heat over-sized bungalows, it is not illegal to drive a large sporty car for a show-off or maybe a reason, not even illegal to burn fuel in cutting edge military gadgets to bombard those who dare differ, it is your right and your freedom and that will never change because it would not be profitable for large companies & tax hungry governments, the real problem – greedy politics, hyping alternative truths!

Our masters and rulers need population growth. They need more people to take on more debt and pay more interest, register voting & sign-up for mutated development, otherwise the whole pyramid scheme comes crashing down. We are a debt based economic society, perpetually in debt to the 1% and their glorified collection agents cum propagandists. This is the real reason we never hear meaningful arguments about sensible population and/or climate management. One has to assume that these vested interest groups denying global alerts have invested their wealth in development of interstellar spacecrafts, or are they intending to die with the rest of the human race in a global mass extinction event? The choice is stark to protect our future generations: adapt with compassion for this planet or let our kids die.

A look at 50 largest companies in world will tell you whole story – half of them are in oil and gas sector! Unfortunately while they are the ones with the money paying off politicians left, right, and center – very little will be done to reduce our dangerous over reliance on energy digging. Another IPCC or COP report will do nothing but kill the trees that it is printed on. The west is destined to burn more not less fossil fuels. West cannot preach austerity to rest of the world while they profligate. Developing East has tasted “fossil blood”, competing to pollute its Eco-systems & pushing lives of ill-informed & digitally servile inhabitants towards same risks.

Sadly, those with genuine concerns for future of life on this planet are, it seems, smartly outnumbered by those who dismiss even common science as scaremongering. By paying to political piggy banks, the popular businessmen cronies will continue to treat Earth like their forefather’s gifted private playgrounds, their fuel-eating tools and some creative ventures will bring about the end of world even quicker. We have a minority of the wealthiest funding mindless mining and environmental destruction while securing their own royal breeds inside high-tech, mission control bunkers!

We are being taxed on consumption, never hope to change the politicians or those they represent. They will never change by definition. Reducing dependence on money is the only solution. However, most people focus on getting more money so they can be less efficient with it as opposed to how effectively they use it. We seem prefer servitude to freedom fearing personal responsibility and loves the idea of someone else making choices for us, raping our climate, watching over and caring for us. This mindset opens door for tyranny. What Nationalism?

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  2. The multi-colored gangs of polluting bhakts mocking #OddEven, shameless crooks pray #GodGiven death sentence riding greedy politics of neta’s chemical #WMD loaded with fossil eating #SUVs targeting common citizens to continue along with development of its pet breeds, safe bunkers & allied industries!

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