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If you put data on any could managed by big corporations of Naziland – you, your clients and your organization are remotely controlled by these hybrid profiteering gangs and its few tech-selling bhakts. See a point in the concern below?

We have a project running in production on Goopoly Cloud (GCP) that is used to monitor hundreds of wind turbines and scores of solar plants scattered across 8 countries. We have control centers with wall-to-wall screens with dashboards full of metrics that are monitored 24/7. Asset Managers use this system to monitor the health of individual wind turbines and solar strings in real time and take immediate corrective maintenance. Development and Forecasting teams use the system to run algorithms on data in BigQuery. All these actions translate directly to revenue. We deal in ‘wind/solar energy’ – the perishable and essential commodities. If we over produce, we cannot store and sell later. If we under produce, there are penalties to be paid. For this reason assets need to be monitored 24/7 to keep up/down with the needs of the power grid and the power purchase agreements made.

What happened.

Early morning (28 June 2018) i receive an alert from Uptime Robot telling me my entire site is down. I receive a barrage of emails from Google saying there is some ‘potential suspicious activity’ and all my systems have been turned off. EVERYTHING IS OFF. THE MACHINE HAS PULLED THE PLUG WITH NO WARNING. The site is down, app engine, databases are unreachable, multiple Firebases say i’ve been downgraded and therefore exceeded limits.

It’s a lonely cloud.

Customer service chat is off. There’s no phone to call. I have an email asking me to fill in a form and upload a picture of the credit card and a government issued photo id of the card holder. Great, let’s wake up the CFO who happens to be the card holder.

You just can’t turn things off and then ask for an explanation.

I understand Google’s need to monitor and prevent suspicious activity. But how you handle things after some suspicious activity is detected matters a lot. You need a human element here — one that cannot be replaced by any amount of code/AI. You just can’t turn things off and then ask for an explanation. Do it the other way round.

This is the first project we built entirely on the Goopoly Cloud. Only small could players handle billing issues in a much more humane way. They warn you about suspicious activity and give you time to explain and sort things out. They don’t kick you down the stairs. They can’t afford either!

Why? Entities like Goopoly, Amazonia, Relience, Microshit, Going Daddies + Some Govt Hypers… want to enter every walk of your life and make it more miserable, counter-profitable.. enticing all for free after consuming, rattling and destroying the smaller / unorganized, responsive, niche and less greedy players or companies. They ride high-sea while all security and moral flood gates are opened to flush-out vulnerable small entrepreneurs. Afterwards spiraling up the prices very smartly as “synced cartels of ROI hungry oligarchies”. Such simple jugaad, are marketed and advertised as some grand futuristic Gen-Z strategies to attain “the speed of light” with cutting-edge technology of scale, a better word is development partnering with “growth hacking” ministers cum party fund commission allies! Not being human-centrist is the biggest threat to we the people: so-called customer or business are not floating in deep space yet.

References: https://medium.com/@serverpunch/why-you-should-not-use-google-cloud-75ea2aec00de

3 thoughts on “Why not own cloud, instead of relaxing on big daddy’s agents like Goopoly, Microshit, AWS, etc?

  1. After entry of Marketing crooks / Kotler bhakts, mobile apps started sharing user data freely. Both Android and iOS mobile apps are leaking confidential information to any unintended or paying recipient. The original inventors and guardians of Internet and Mobile technologies were already killed / silenced in a systematic manner by today’s millionaire abusers, pity if you never heard of tech martyrs..

  2. One of our recent initiate called “Tribute to Lataverse” is a free and open sharing platform of music and songs (especially related to Late Lata Mangeshkar) – play or share without those fancy profiteering apps, DRM tubes and brands.

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