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Someone said “In business, the competition will bite you if you keep running; if you stand still, they will swallow you.” Inspiring higher education mantra with mafia-like soft diktat and a creamy white-collar touché! The Nobel committee must be pondering about such die-hard bhakts of the twin nukes called capitalism + cronyism, to be delivered 24/7 via AI guided drones to the poor socialist revolutionaries dragged into invisible hybrid wars?

If you can read between lines, they are clearly talking about business of well-focused cronies and ambitious looters with a propagandist agenda that these practical people are doing it very smart and somewhat good. In plain words, such biters of competition carry genome (DNA) replicas of bandits / colonizers of last centuries and like all greedy beasts must justify their lust for wealth with modern acts of hoarding and bribing the public service masked ring-leaders (alias neta) / jugaadu sarkari-babus – hail such shamelessly demonic enterpre-gurus, some even wearing a religion hat for personal safety / security! Only difference is such hidden terrorists no longer ride on horse backs wearing fancy dresses with visibly sharp weapons and shining ornaments.

Smart Times, Forbes, Fortune etc always ride some young equestrian billionaires, hunks will jump why am I jealous? As a blunt perspective & conscious hindsight, my benchmark / inspiration was never to follow or match those types of so-called successful celeb mantras (wealth at any cost) from the moment I started thinking independent, before even entering a business management school. So, being jealous for what? Do you care if you’re a looser or winner as per your enemies ideas and benchmarks? Here disrespect is judiciously mutual, if looters can push their agenda, non-looters have much stronger ones. Whether good success or bad success – if they do not care for basic human values why even consider such millionaires as people or role models? No need to terrorize them either, they live fearfully till last breath.

Thanks to buoyant or fixed stock markets and smart corruption, the connected rich looters are just keep getting insider trade secrets JIT. That has made it harder than ever to join the ranks of the wealthiest colonizers annexing continents and weak bhakt communities with ease. Like all high-profit businesses with government oversight, the price and barriers of entry are very high, and media / political commissions must be in millions – all’s fair in Love, War & Fed Models!

One thought on “Biters of competition carry same genes as bandits and colonizers of last centuries

  1. Contrary to malicious diktat of capital markets for profit of its hunks, time & its measurement are relative, its possibly -2022 BC for some and +2022 AD for many. At this moment, we’re all alive and breathing here to pray and justify for our existence, ignite your dead neurons and स्वयं swim the dark cosmos to spot as much light for your fellow beings in reality, NOT just via media & digital propaganda pasted on smart devices..

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