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Apr 2, 2017: Members of Hindu Samhati, a radical group, gheraoed the residence of Debopriya Shome, a Silchar resident and a student of Jadavpur University in Calcutta, for raising pro- azadi slogans in the university recently. Sources told The Telegraph that on finding Shome’s grandmother present at the house at that time, they allegedly threatened her to ask her grandson not to come back to his hometown ever again. His parents were not present at home last night.

Shome is studying international relations at the university. The controversy has gone viral on social media as many users, allegedly belonging to right-wing groups, have called Shome “anti-national” and posted objectionable comments on Facebook targeting him and his parents.

Shome said, “I did not raise any anti-national slogans. The act by Hindu Samhati members was nothing but a fascist step. My statement was misinterpreted. I have been getting threatening and abusive phone calls since then.”

Sanjib Nath, a member of the Silchar unit of Hindu Samhati, said, “Anti-national elements have no right to stay in the country. Shome will face serious trouble if he comes back to Silchar.”

The secretary of ABVP state committee, Monoj Kanti Das, said Shome by his pro- azadi slogans has insulted the country’s democracy. He said giving anti-national statements has become a trend. Terming the act by Shome as a “publicity stunt”, he said raising such slogans is nothing but a cheap trick to gain attention. “Kanhaiya Kumar, who had tried a similar stunt in Jawaharlal Nehru University, is a perfect example of that.”

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