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Great quote, but why target only Europeans? Racist Looteans are there in all colors, geographies and communities.

They did it earlier attacking Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.. like our populist emperors do here on regular basis with so called terrorists, separatists, naxalists, maoists, activists, few remaining honest bureaucrats and now new filmy terms added like anti-national, gaadar, tukde tukde with BIG OTT / MobApp Entertainers trying to trivialize the cause of eradicating corruption by promoting their own glamorous versions of “Religious Nationalism” for BOX office earnings, public sympathy and pleasing political masters. What Nationalist A or B? It will be no surprise if these greedy & uneducated bhaktoists also support genocides, bigotry & wars just for fun or profit, passively or actively – geography, religion or nationality are never barriers for loot-wings!

Imperial groups in North America, Oceania, Far East and West have opposing ideas compared with Uprising Hindus, Socialists, Arabs, Muslims, and most importantly the suffering neutral lot. Many awful news were overlooked in the midst of unavoidable revolutions out of long suppression, causalities are mostly common soldiers or citizens – neither barking media or the loot-wing. Afghan government Bank was near collapse as the owners – who include some President’s bhakts and other assorted political cronies – had among other nefarious activities taken the banks assets and speculated in real estate which promptly crashed. If the bank fails the government won’t be able to pay its workers including the army. Millions in international aid may be washed away. Even official democracies like India has witnessed billions of public money looted via dozens of scams and corrupt practices by a small group of powerful cronies and their smart allies.

After Tunisia, Egypt had witnessed extraordinary events including some violence between bhakts and bhakt security forces. Under pressure the President agreed to quit office and went on television to announce that he would not contest the presidential election but would not step down immediately (some politics with opposition!) an offer which failed to calm public fury as clashes erupted between his supporters and opponents in major cities. But are the real culprits suffering or using the revolt to plan stronger comebacks via proxies?

How on earth do we get saddled with such creepy / comical brands as Karzai, Zelenski Mubarak, etc over and over again? In large part its a vestige of the Cold War when all the world was a potential theater in the struggle against socialists, why untested democratic socialism is a threat nobody knows, barring a few white and gray loot-wing capitalists? Afghanistan was certainly one; the Soviet departure created a vacuum and extreme Islamic ideas like Taliban rushed in.. which will continue further in times to come as side-affects of humans deeds today! Some west effort to transfer Egypt from the Soviet account to the American side in the 1970s, later perfected by Jimmy Carter was certainly another.

The truth is both strict realism and idealism have failed West overseas. Too often realism is just a rationale for maintaining the autocratic status quo which never lasts especially when presided over and led by terminal narcissists. Too often idealism assumes democracy can be plopped into a culture without a middle class or a history of free institutions. In India’s case, things are worse even with such things existing in abundance since time immemorial viz Ashoka’s loot following some Chanakya Niti.

A smarter foreign policy would quietly promote a careful transition from autocracy to something more benign. The best way to do this is to latch onto institutions not individual leaders in the developing countries we seek as allies. Sadly the most reliable institution to latch onto — to train equip and support — is often the army. Humanitarian aid is nice but difficult to dispense and too often corrupted. Military aid comes with strings that bind – the continuing need for spare parts like those app updates for example. But strong armies create security a necessary precursor for democracy, really?

It is not a sure thing of course; armies have provided a steady global diet of horrific dictators. In some cases like Pakistan or Burma, military assistance helps create greater regional tension and profits the weapons dealers in west. But when lucky abroad as in Turkey the military midwifes transition to some democracy. That will be true in mid-east as well – and perhaps even in Afghanistan and few other democratic and non-democratic nations with sick business & political leaders – if the World is lucky. But what if a communal terrorist is replaced with a financial terrorist? Are we really better-off? Who comes out victorious from a revolution or inqilab or मंथन? Can the corrupt loot-wing bhakts be paralyzed via social change or they keep terrorizing citizens with more inflation, more devaluation, more sedition, more bribes, more taxes, more hypes, more divisions, more genocides, more viruses, more wars, more rapes, more loot..? Watch-out!

2 thoughts on “No lessons from revolts, the corrupt always plans invading wherever its cronies profits are under threat

  1. The US agency that brought you Internet is testing self-guided bullets capable of locking onto any moving enemy, safe kill from a mile away! Think why the world marched behind and allowed a bunch of capitalists to thrash a bunch of idealists, every action have its own manifestations, sooner or later!


    Bashing looters, wealth gainers is arrogance and evangelical influence of rebels, no kill or be killed for truth?

  2. From ancient times there have been powerful debt resistance movements that have challenged the harsh penalties associated with debt default, including debt enslavement and debt incarceration. In ancient Athens there was a practice of enslaving either the debtor or one of their family members if their debt was unpaid. This practice expanded to the point that civil wars broke out between debtors and creditors so often that the very survival of the city-state of Athens was in question. This crisis stimulated a major change in the Athenian legal system that outlawed the debt enslavement of fellow citizens and became a model for many societies down to the formation of the American republic.

    #Srilanka: Some volcanic lava lose #gravity much earlier, as history lessons are hardly practiced by those who really needs to change drastically!

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