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“The left revolt in bad times, the right feast in good times, the center sails with a foot on both boats, while the republic enjoys happiness as long in safe times!” – Sudhir Panda

What is #LeftWing #RightWing? Imagine a system as a bird which can only move ahead while afloat by using both its wings. Both wings are opposite to each other but one won’t be any use to the system without the other. The head, torso & tail are the power structure (legal, govt, bureaucratic, etc). When one wing tries to over-power or try to replace the other, you’ve a descending bird approaching unnatural death.

The notion of the political left and right has a history, dating back to the French Revolution: Monarchists, right; revolutionaries, left. It was used to understand the Manichean battles of the Twentieth Century: Communists and their sympathizers, left; Fascists and their sympathizers, right. In India, the three popular types of gangs are no longer based on any idea or truth. In reality, India’s politics is not about societal work or welfare of voting masses – it’s pure development business via strategic bonded investments for access to public treasury, manipulating law for favorites, advertising, brand building, creating hypes, TV / Internet shows, Social Media PR, divide & rule, rapes, genocides, celebrities, goons, religion trading, hoopla items, etc… real socialist workers, change revolutionaries, idealists are tactically tagged / silenced to stabilize various regimes!

If left dislikes other groups, it will march for few days, then back to square one. Other groups always dislike Left, and claims an global edge, though they are worse numbs in reality. The right fights center but will always have back-channels to scratch each other in odd times, just to prove itself as next best & strongest alternative while tactically appropriating all blessings of Shri Ram, Chanakya, Vivekananda, Bose and other popular (cultural, historic & religious) icons to its side of branding. The center is a monarch pretending as democrats, it can read pulses of Left & Right very well, compromise / showcase great maturity (in doing what, all knows).

Simply, just a huge black-hole these capital PROs had created in ruling for profit – violating citizens / electoral terms of employment to socially serve as worker reps for the democracy! Decades of bigotry has also given rise to many national, global, local and family-made cozy / princely groups like YSR, Congress, BSP, SP, BJD, TMC, BJP, Sena’s, NCP, CP, NC, DMK, TDP, AIDMK, NC, JD, etc.. based on tweaked concepts, brands and ideals. Multiple groups are best, bucks can be passed more easily, fixing of responsibility can be made look blur and confusing.

If Party A loots, Party B will be eligible to show-off it’s protest rallies & disgust slogans, short marches, etc but in back-end all “Bhakt India Company” gangs of clever foxes will share the looted treasure along with its undeclared coalition of campaign funding cronies, suck the same poor voters and tear fatty flesh from masses of poor protesters or regime’s real opposition forces!

Historically, left wing believed that economic inequality be struggled against or in extreme cases ended by force, the right wing believed that the only ways to curb economic inequality are too restrictive to individual freedom, impractical, or harmful to efficiency, or some combination of these, or in extreme cases that economic inequality is desirable.

On the far right is fascism, which affirms the irremediable, fruitful and beneficent inequality of men. On the far left is Anarchism, which views all hierarchy of any form in which anyone has more power than anyone else as restrictive, they want to abolish capitalism as well. Nearly as far left is Communism, which seeks to abolish all social inequality through the use of limited democratic government hierarchy. Many of highly popular champions of western elitist democracies have long found far superior and refined forms of fooling their not-so-common citizens! The developing ones are learning… trouble maker or wild dream, oh? Publicity Hype of “Dhanda Party” vs “Ganda Party” – current variety of loot-wingers are brewing wars & genocides, if agenda population control, why not do this openly?

All is mixed-up and the only apparent goal is “lure more voters or investors by hook or crook to just press a button and forget/forgive”, that’s all. Once done, these mutated souls takes-over and colonize nations with pride for few years. Ironically, we are bind as a nation only due to our thousands of years of human history, it is foolish to expect these man-made political concepts to have any long term impact. But these modern categories, hypes and concepts still have some life until each entity dares to create its own country or kingdom, helping illuminate distinctions and commonalities in real socio-political landscape to some extent. How long be content with 193 countries on this huge planet? Such uniquely militarized land blocks must cross 1930000000 …. no land records, all õːm heads directly connected via “UN General Assembly’s UniversalNet” – no Fekubook Portals pumped by jumla cronies or big tech abusers?

|| हे राम, लंका में घूसा पञ्चमुख वानर बलवान, आक्रामक रावण सेना की छान-बीन चिंतन मन्थन.. अहंकार के कारण डाल-डाल पर सोने की चिड़ियां से भोली चिड़िया के सत्य का हत्या ||

One thought on “Left, Right, Center Politics – best to divide humans, religions, cultures & communities for political power to serve cronies!

  1. Despite deep strikes and wounds by loot-wing entities, counter-strikes via community goals and cunning methods has started self-curing the infection of apparent lies & shameless hypes. In battles of ideologies, there are no winners or losers.. मनः संसार-वर्तिनी।

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