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Celebrate by raising a glass of milk, ghee, cream, crud or lassi. Happy #WorldMilkDay and #HappyCows. In the global market there are 8 largest milk producing countries including, Argentina, Australia, Europe, India, The US, New Zealand and others which account for more than 50% of the total milk production. In terms of total dairy products imports China, Russia, Mexico, Japan and the US are the top 5 leading importers however among these US leads as an importer and largest exporter as well.

In recent years total milk output has witnessed a slowdown whereas Cheese and Butter categories showed an upward trend in demand worldwide. Nonfat dry milk powder has also gained in terms of demand from various parts of the world. Along with falling milk production, milk powder prices have also witnessed a fall and expected to continue the trend.. Somewhat low milk prices, high interest rates and lack of capital have become major factors of fall in milk production… feeling sad for the poor milky analysts?

Happy #MilkDay and remember asking religion and rights of the animal being milked will anger the Darwin and celebrity #bhakts – Just Raise a Glass & Celebrate!

One thought on “Happy World Milk Day – Raise a Glass & Celebrate!

  1. Happy Polluters Day! No World Environment Day PR can save? The rulers and leaders need more gangs of offspring consumers as its zombie supporters. So its no to truth, no to adjust lives, no to sacrifices necessary to save species, and our homes. Just more greed, more bank balance, more corrupt shit.

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