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Some legal prosecutors accused Assange of having endangered “political dissidents and journalists“. While on the contrary, Assange contributed to reveal corruption, genocides, war crimes and lies. Like many other widespread loot-wing twists in recent times, everything is being turned upside down so that the innocent patriots are abused on paid media and end-up looking like the bad guys while the cronies, crooks and looters get state-sponsored nationalist certificates and subsidized license renewals. The capitalist governments had persecuted Julian Assange for a decade for WikiLeaks’ journalism, and also seeks to use this case to label the publishing of leaked secret information as spying, to shield its corrupt deep state.

Defense refers to Chelsea Manning’s plea statement. This is the key statement she made about her disclosures, which prosecutors desperately want to undermine. This is part of why she was subpoenaed to appear before grand jury and is still in jail. Defense is going over chronology and giving judge a sense of redaction process for cables that Assange and WikiLeaks pursued with media partners – Guardian, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, El Pais and many others.

Like The Free Software Foundation, we stands for freedom of publication and due process, because they are necessary to exercise and uphold the software freedom we campaign for. The attack on journalism threatens freedom of publication; the twisting of laws to achieve an unstated aim threatens due process of law. We therefore calls on the US to drop all present and future charges against Julian Assange relating to WikiLeaks activities. Extradition treaty between US & UK says political cases are exempt from extradition. An associate of acting DNI cut a deal w/ Ecuador on US’s behalf to have Assange removed that ended w/ his imprisonment by the UK. Assange and many similar whistle blowers & activists are political prisoners.

“Human rights have not been in a crisis like this since the end of the Second World War,” says Manfred Nowak, the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture

2 thoughts on “Who are fearful of free speech? Not the 1% committing murders, loots & war crimes?

  1. If viral loot-wing bhakts and co can be dragged away from dangerous power abuse, why @UNHumanRights need to slam any Citizenship Laws?

  2. In times of distress, the profiteering loot-wingers are carrying stolen hammers snatched from mortal remains of less-known socialists, and for helpless masses truth must equal to PR stunts of bhakt goons promoted by paid media family, just for survival!

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