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Somebody wise once said, “selling is a transfer of feelings.” Given the sheer number of choices in each industry and marketplace, customers need an emotional connection with your company and brand — “this product makes me feel something” — rather than just a practical one — “this product seems empirically better than the rest.” As before, ask yourself some questions to tackle this potential user experience weak point:

    How can you provide additional perceived value? Perhaps by offering a smooth and appealing website, products enjoyable to unbox, etc.
    Tell a story. How can what you offer to fulfill a need and occupy a place in your customers’ lives?
    What do you do differently? Sustainable manufacturing? Zero emissions? Giving back to employees and/or the community?
  Do competitor research. Which similar products rank better than yours in search engine results? Is there something obvious about their presentation that sets them apart?
    Do you have consistent and appealing branding? Does it look like passion goes into every detail? Think about the logo, colour scheme, typography, iconography, product photos and more.
    Do you exude personality in customer interactions and on social channels?

In short, sticking the landing when it comes to UX means you have to be more than a collection of products. You need to frame yourself as a humanistic institution, in every way you can.

Remember to put yourself in the customers’ shoes as early in your business development process as possible. It’s pretty natural to want to jump ahead to product development or focus on something else, but UX consideration can be part of a strong foundation for future success.

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