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Welcome and be seated, the millionaire doc! If they spend 30-40 lakh in just getting a seat, you can imagine how these desperate doc-chors and other so-called career coaching pros will recover the money afterwards – sucking the hell out of poor patients body and consumers bank balance. In violation of court orders and audacious contempt of law, many so-called reputed institutions have been abruptly caught in the middle of smoothly prevailing rot in country’s medical education system as per media reports, the operation covering only a few states. Private medical and dental colleges are illegally selling seats to the highest bidders. But so are other streams like engineering, civil, management, services, etc.. controlled via branded institutions officially established by high-oratory political cronies.

Results for the All India Common Entrance (NEET?) test are still not out but post graduate medical seats for next academic year have already been sold off. A court order prohibits medical colleges to reveal results of the independent entrance tests that they conduct. Post graduate seats are sold off for crores of rupees while legitimate and qualifying students are paid lakhs for vacating them for “resale”. Colleges are also hiring doctors to fudge medical inspections.

“If I leave the seat, I will get Rs 20-25 lakh for leaving the seat of the private medical college so later they can sell the seat to someone else. MCI and government don’t have proper system to check that a particular student should not take admission in more than one college at a time,” a student said on the condition of anonymity. Majority of students prefer silence though…

Students with no science background were given admission into MBBS courses and colleges with no infrastructure were granted licenses. The government had then dissolved the MCI and replaced it with a board of governors. However, situation has not changed? So why protest in Exam or Job Scams, Paycm करो और मोबाइल पर लगे रहो? The Gujju Moneyban Coalition is delivering its primary dharma perfectly in every ministry: Anything for धंदा, Power & Profit – NEET मीत is no exception!

For many years whistleblowers has been airing stories of corruption in the MCI and DCI, but the result has just been token decisions by the government. It is also shown in various reports how medical education regulators have been approving sub-standard medical and dental colleges and allowing them to flourish. The apathy, however, is leading to production of dummy doctors in the country, mostly with wealthy DNA.

Medical education has deteriorated and consequences may not be evident for another decade, but few genuine ones are already seeing its effects. Some of these medical graduates do not even know to read an ECG and cannot tell the difference between a normal and abnormal ECG. It is sometimes scary to go to Doctor. In any case, it is a reflection of the general corruption rot and jugaad tentacles. Corrupt practices and shameless flaunting of looted capital has entered every field for rapid development inching towards some “viksit bharat” project, especially for growth of bhakts and sponsors. When someone tells you about a recent doctor consultation, first ask them where and how the doctor was trained and then ask other things.

In a world where 1% of the population owns 40% of the planet’s wealth and slaves 80% of doctors, where thousands of children die every single day from poverty and preventable diseases, and where 50% of the world’s population lives on less than 2 dollars a day… one thing is clear:

Many things are wrong, no economic terrorism?

Do the charming talking lots and elected crorepatis really want corruption to go away? Resilient nope drops off these genetically extra-terrestrial, only the silent majority wants and that humanity is slowly losing its right to live honestly and are even in danger of getting smartly trashed by the powerful corrupt-lot with help of some subservient security forces. There is nothing like left, right or center ideologies in Indian politics, only two exists – corrupt and honest. To regain it’s lost moral appeal, healthcare needs revolutionaries who can walk-the-talk taking risks, NOT loot-wing politicians, elite media, sucking bureaucrats or Doctor-giri worshipers!

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