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Many attached to the lucrative Vyapam Scam are passing away, despite at the mercy of doctors who never had to study for their medical degrees. So, the MPPEB is conducting some entry test into professional courses like the Pre-Medical examinations. All the detail is in the admit card, including name, date of birth, and roll numbers, of the candidate who is applying for the seat. However, the photograph is of the impersonator. An impersonator is one who writes an exam on behalf of someone else. In such cases, they are brilliant students who can score very high marks. The concerned officers on the examination board change the photograph back to that of the original candidate after the exam.

A person is fixed by people on the board whose work is like that of an engine. He/She is seated strategically between two other candidates who want a seat. The engine helps them copy from his/her own paper. The examiners are usually bribed to fix the seating arrangements. The select candidates are advised to leave their answer sheets blank. They are randomly given high percentages after the exam. They then fill in the answers in the OMR booklet according to the marks they have already been given.

Unlike even health system of Cuba that serves the people of the Third World, developing ones like us have severe lack of political will on the part of leaders to protect their most vulnerable populations – we’re doing exactly the opposite, looting the vulnerable, bitter truth! But this is no different from cronies employing smart CEOs, CFOs and similar cools to sail through various contracts and millions of loot profit. Most medical college and similar high authority or future lucrative seats are always on sale, this is how boys are certified as men – the daring thieves!

Despite our ancient vedic knowledge and practice on health-care we cannot even compare us with a small island nation: Cuban health system is recognized worldwide for its excellence and its efficiency. Despite extremely limited resources and the dramatic impact caused by the economic sanctions imposed by the United States for more than half a century, Cuba has managed to guarantee access to care for all segments of the population and obtain results similar to those of the most developed nations. Cuba is the only country that has a health care system closely linked to research and development. This is the way to go, because human health can only improve through innovation. Unlike our hyped systems, Cuba made health an essential pillar of development. No wonder, crony capitalism led nations hate Cuba.

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  1. Truth is anti-national in a growing empire of Vyapam cronies. A Whistleblower Army Sahayak Jawan found dead, bhakts are real anti-nationals in a near Nazi empire.

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