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Feb 8, 2014: My name is Barsha Mishra, I work with a property portal as Content Writer for Guest Post. We are India’s Fastest Growing & Largest Real Estate Portal helping people in finding their dream homes. This message is in regards to the Guest Post Request we would like to do on your Website/Blog.

Since you would be already publishing the guest posts from different authors in your niche, I thought it would be nice if we too have an opportunity to present your website readers with something of real value. Let me know if you are interested in giving us an opportunity to leave a post in your site.

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  1. Coming back to South Asia, origins of this mess are many decades old when the public banks controlling 80% of system’s assets were state-run, lent too freely to infrastructure and industrial projects, mostly the ones backed by politically-connected cronies and socialist aristocrats. Today, we see the continuation with their GenXYZ replicas staring at smart dashboard driven boom-and-bust stats in the lightly regulated shadow private banks, which controls the remaining system, flying high in tech clouds & jargon. These are mixed economies, cannot blame the academic principles of pure capitalism or pure socialism, when countries are mostly ruled by idiots incapable of understanding, forget practicing either ways of lifestyle with any perfection whatsoever.

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