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The cycle begins with well-planned mis-governance & mis-development.. NOT excusable under-governance & under-development. Next step is to plan and allow growth of opposing groups to pitch as better governors of public so the baton can be relayed to a new set of rulers of similar breed – includes the greats from all regions, castes, political parties, creeds, respected professions, etc… Apparent choice to public is whether to choose big looters or small looters or smart looters.

Anyway in the next season, current hoopla groups will not mind to see the cycle reversed as they become satisfied big looters with provisions and prospects for cronies called allies, drumming “inclusive growth”. Each group is looting strategically, giving equal opportunity to others in their close-knit family called “BIG national rescue parties” – swapping blend of greedy deep state stars from all walks of life: So-called saviors of their personal Bhārat Mātā / भारत माता.

By the way, corrupt aces are not in jungles of north-east, central or northern tip of India, the proxies must be within mainstream and mainland, well known and respected merely out of no-choice or fear. To be on the wiser side (may not be safer!) and as a common mortal, realize governance when you see growth of useless eaters & scientific dictatorship.. development or material growth is realized in true sense when we are frustrated with meteoric rise of competing (or smartly stolen) ideas and few charming people around.

Chanting governance, our political masters are more interested in signing off token welfare or waiver schemes for the impoverished and few thousand super-rich saviors, than in searching for real solutions. India has a track record of creating massive welfare programs which rarely work and add to budget deficit, simply a big cut for loot. These programs are designed to bring in maximum votes and donations, are poorly but strategically targeted to create opportunities for massive corruption forever.

On macro-development front, the net result is number of millionaires are jumping on the back of strong market spiral, taking cue from the government’s stimulus – a sober word for favor. See the contrast and development! While India recorded its slowest growth in a decade now hovering around 5%, India did saw birth of thousands of new millionaires in the same period. If someone cares to find profiles of these, most will have links either to the ruing elite or current rich-lot, no surprises seeing sound bytes now-a-days on some big names and so-called role-models getting rich with smarter corruption (for them it is hard-earned?). Anyway, in terms of countries with most millionaires India ranked at 15, in terms of other metrics the countdown begins from 196 upwards.

Without a full scan and serious quarantine of real corrupt viruses and its variants based on their personal wealth and complete source of income audits, governance and development cannot take common people and nations much further, it may benefit the already rich to spread rumors allying with modern media robin-hoods, who can afford to throw away some looted cash and gain short-term public apathy. We are just passing the cleansing buck to our future generations, but delayed solutions can get rougher or even bloodier for our planet and its cancers like peaceful savior culprits and its extended family!

Yes, outrageous economic development for 1% Chor Bhakts and Company looting, fooling, sucking the 99% in wholesale!

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