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Education systems (both public & private) are mired in various forms of corruption and high rate of teacher absenteeism is key factor for this according to many studies, and moreover gaining real knowledge & skills are last priority for students, parents, teachers and administrators. 25% teacher absenteeism is among the highest in world, second only after Uganda. The global average of teacher absenteeism was about 20%. (Jan 26, 2015)

It is just becoming a deliberately manufactured earning system for profit of private companies doing business of entrance tests, coaching shops and other jugaad – cronies in education institutes earn thousands of crores, degree certificates are always on rent or sale like any other commodity for snatching lucrative jobs – private or public. Teacher profiteering does not just affect quality of education; it is also a huge drain on resources resulting in the wastage of education funds of tax-paying citizens. Politics in teacher appointments and transfers is major reason for teacher absenteeism.

Many studies identified the absence of well established criteria for teacher recruitment, a uniform policy on promotion, remuneration and deployment as some of the main reasons identified for teacher absenteeism. In Bihar, two of every five teachers were reported absent the figure in UP was reported to be one-third of the total teachers, most other states are not great either. Though in some states like Kerala and West Bengal the figure was reported lower.

Teachers also believe highly in lucrative private tutoring or coaching practice. It does not complement any learning at all and leads to corruption and injection of a culture of graft into childhood and future of the nation itself! The practice of ghost teachers and involvement of teachers in mismanagement of schools were other gray areas identified in the Indian education system. Ex: Out of 5000+ private schools in Delhi, most charge more than IITs for nursery admissions while enjoying public funded properties and donations.

Another indictment of the sorry state of Indian education was the view held by students that cheating in examinations is their traditional right. In Indian universities cheating is now well-established, no wonder the gaining . The fees for manipulating entrance tests ranges between 3000 to few million rupees for popular programmes such as computer science, medicine and engineering.

Bribe giving parents are even more corrupt who are brainwashed to not think what is so special about a hyped / branded education shop, app or website that has a profiteering administration openly promoting values that would severely harm future social fabric of whole communities and mutate our civilization culture of transferring & acquiring knowledge. A school (online or offline) that accepts outrageous donations is a worse place for human minds to attain its fullest potential through value based real learning. Schools are over-rated by stupid parents (lured by smart Public Relation acts) thinking of getting into one school vs another as a big deal.

Message for private school shops owned by neta & co.. “I suppose you understand concepts of fairness and social justice with regard to financial or economic capability while asking someone to pay outside their budget or beyond mutual understanding of promises or agreeable demands.. not just money, responsible parents must be more concerned about future of their kids trapped in such rotten / corrupt education Eco-systems!” A welcome judgement, but will this change mindsets?

Decades of public education exploitation and ignorance will soon be cementing a much more dangerous crony and mobile app centered digital profiteering variant, pushing future kids as glorified AI slaves of private imperial brands. Next time some private Edu-brand asks for those “be practical” forms of bribe or donation simply send your kid to another school (public or private) or invite more turbulent and immoral times for the very next generation XYZs you as parents are ready to compromise, chanting chalta hai for family and profit!

Ref for read more: United Nation Reports

2 thoughts on “Corruption in Education – School Management & Chor-Bhakt Parents Tango

  1. American Higher Education in 2 easy steps:

    1) Get your citizens or migrants to sign up for debt peonage at 18 to study for a career they’ll hate in 5 years.
    2) Profit wildly from the interest on their debt as they struggle to have a semblance of an enjoyable life.

    Same education business models are blindly imported by business cronies as a compulsory capitalism add-on into many countries and places.. including to our own hi-tech & subservient India, incredible!

  2. Zombies threatened to ignore Philosophies of Bhaktology & Slavery cementing a crony-centered new education profiteering system of policies! Whatever PROs say or do, schools are for selfless transfer of knowledge upholding civilizational value systems, NOT capital hoarding machines, the desperate ones may start as many cool Amazons for that. Either you’re with future kids or dying for extra bucks / fame at their expense! – Sudhir Panda (https://twitter.com/imsudhir)

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