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More headache for India’s dual political dynasties (saffron hands & white gloves) as AAP heads for victory in Delhi. A year after resigning as Delhi Chief Minister the AAP convenor will be taking oath as the CM on Feb. 14. After AAP had thrown a surprise by uprooting the big brands out of power in 2013 Assembly elections as a new party, Mr. Kejriwal had taken oath as Delhi’s seventh Chief Minister at a public ceremony in Ramlila Maidan, the venue of Anti-Corruption movement.

An unconventional victory in Delhi seems to have galvanized commoners as well as well-known profiteers. There is no denying the enthusiasm among supporters while many spell limitations, the new group can strive to project itself as a credible alternative to capitalist millionaire rulers and revive degrading social democratic morals and overall value systems. More so because major looting parties have discredited and enriched themselves and their backdoor allies cum cronies via perennial sucking over many decades. But they cannot be wiped with soft-politicking only. They will NOT allow real change and change-makers an easy ride at any cost. Just like what Kaurava sena did in Mahabharata before self-destruction, they’ll drag goodness into their favorite games and degraded Chanakya’s battle grounds, now or in future.

The problem isn’t too much democracy or a PM. It’s the love for accumulation of power by the pros of old elite groups (Tory) at any cost, thrashing real social change forces using sam, dam, dand, bhed, hype, bribe, threat, religion, race, ethnicity, fear, nationalism drama, popular media abuse, tweaking the Idea of India, aggressive branding.. human love do not work in all situations, neither did it worked since time immemorial. Tories and their future generations will face some odd music and revolting actions / reactions.

6 thoughts on “AAP sweeps Delhi polls

  1. Populism Sultanate is not new, its time tested lucrative profiteering strategy of Toryism art since many centuries.. now to invade and re-annex a loot-wing presidential monarchy to the only left sober democracy with bhakt propaganda, awaken your desi Delhi wisdom before its irreversibly too late for you and your future kids!

  2. Beware & Be Wise! Great Ruling Bhakts from both dynasties are trying hard to divert with #CAA vs #AntiCAA and many similar manufactured NetaGiri theatrics cum covert campaigns just to seduce and divert Delhi voters towards pre-2011 status-quo. This is their last remaining ideal opposition to conquer and suck India forever! If you’re good human and genuine reasons, no Govt here have a mandate to reject your refugee or immigration application randomly at will, let people focus on real issues of stopping infiltrators or illegal migrants at the border itself and other ground realities.

    As far asking for your forefather govt records and gotra, counter-question the same agent and its bosses who will be given a mandate to come and question you.

  3. GNCTD amendment Bill in India is an indication of declining democracy and mutual trust in the union. Such bills are meant to take away powers from those who were voted by people, back to charming loot-wingers ruling the central promotion / PR house. Bhakts think that common workers are here to get abused for few of its sponsoring poster rulers paying them salaries, with mud peanuts!

  4. Delhi Govt and people are exceptions and hence no-brainier for powerful looting class – but can the old gangs, kings and deep state agents afford AAP Govt rule in other states like Punjab which may involve full control over security forces? If such miracle and revolting churn happens, then possibly we can hope for some dim light beyond our stinking political tunnel.

  5. Masses are not bonded slaves, whom capitalists can keep on financially and physically exploiting for its own ends / profits without consequences, sooner or later. Re-plan along with your advising partners. Coining new terms like “financial terrorism” and “human trafficking”, as alcoholic yields of systemic corruption (an overused word now, especially starting 2011) for saffron hands & white gloves!

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