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Young buddies enslaved in digitally-pumped private sectors seem to live for work + fun and in many cases happily pay off heavy extortion on loans and undress everyone’s privacy rights for influence UPI, thereby emboldening the financial mafia, rather than questioning like a true social animal. Ideally, competition was supposed to bring down prices of commodities, other products and services. There were some examples of this happening, e.g. telecom (thanks to long-term spyG project). However, there are many examples of the opposite. In general, a healthy society provides conditions for their citizens to be able to educate, acquire skills, be gainfully employed, own a house, car or have access to transport facilities, medical services, recreation and contribute to the community welfare. Conditions for a good and comfortable life is provided in such societies while preserving the physical and social environment, the latter in a conflict free, cohesive way.

Citizens live in happiness and spend their non-working days and hours in pursuit of other interests such as reading, politicking, reflection, writing, socializing, sports, art, travel, helping others and more. There is work and life balance. But the conditions of life that have been created by the free market beneficiaries’ mindless development economy and associated practices have brought many pressures and challenges that have compromised freedom of living.

Greatest threat to humanity is the fact that half of the psychopaths are busy in “financing terror” rest are smart sociopaths profiting from “terror in finance” squeezing 99% commoners. Urban living is reconstructed by networked deep states in such a way that one or both partners in a family have to work and earn a living. This is not the problem. All have to work and pay reasonable taxes to government which in turn spends them on services, infrastructure etc. However, with the income received one has to pay rent or if one has bought an apartment or house need to pay the mortgage EMIs. One has to buy consumables like food, clothing, and medicine. There are various kinds of insurance / banking products and other services one has to pay regularly viz telecom, energy, vehicle, water, fuel, surcharges, holy bribe and other local fees.

In addition, there are various indirect taxes too. If a couple have children, there are further expenses, especially on private education shopping. The point is that when a small family pays all these expenses, there is very little left for personal enjoyment and entertainment that can contribute to their quality of life. While populists primary role is to showoff managing people’s reserves, but work as capital honks for its gang and enrich sponsors to ensure repeating electoral success jugaad via smart bribing रेवाड़ी every time.

Isn’t Smart Housing luring you into Free Market Slavery? There are lessons to be learned from the tale of some cities in many ɛnθ-world countries that are driving the same model of free market economic growth at any cost and avoid the negative consequences. A High Street Example? The current conflict in Eurasia has a rotten history that goes back to hate and assassination of socialism by the profiteering capital celebrities enjoying fall of Berlin wall like beginning of an ugly marriage or union, mikhail perestroika and world wars had indirectly helped wild-west and its bhakts building privately-held cozy empires ruling on grand economy-of-scale models.. and force feeding its so-called value based democratic variants, no wonder social democracies are mostly dead worldwide, almost 90% loot-wing ruled..

When few speculators drive major and lucrative parts of economies such as housing, energy, telecom, utilities or tech sector for their own ends and the crime-partner governments provide tax concessions and necessary legal / security frameworks, conditions of living created for rest of the population become rather bleak to the point of losing freedom to live for many and opens huge potential for abuse of power to further violate consumer and human rights.

Collection / extortion agencies hired by the 1% विश्वगुरु cronies are counting on you to not do your homework. Debt collectors themselves are making less money and this is a recipe for more aggressive and increasingly illegal tactics. Even if such bank-pampered agencies does not engage in activities and techniques that are technically illegal, they are likely to use intentionally obfuscating ADHAR tactics. If this sounds like the kind of thing that we’re all used to from credit card fine print, fancy banking and club membership terms, that’s because it is.

The real question to ask is whether following Neo-liberal policies promoted by loot-wing profiteering leaders in popular groups suits our society. Neo-liberalism is a theory of individualism that believes that the effort of one in competition with others in working for gain will lift all others as his gain will trickle down when others are employed by him. So, the theory is that the state should give him free rein to bring about material gain, fill the tax reserves to buy offensive weapons and abuse technology to suppress local natives or opposing forces. The collective efforts of individuals, so encouraged, will create a mirage that whole society is benefiting!

Vikshit लाभार्थी Economics: At another level, affordable home bubble operates despite financial crises or demolishing some corrupt twin towers erected by its own breed for profit, no way any of us can imagine how bad things are really getting… The West had burned itself with its fancy Home Ownership Strategies: extending affordable home to low-income buyers. Opening door for the home loan bazaars, financiers and lending industries to develop new products, aggressively targeting low-income people. While burden of public housing was lifted off government’s shoulders, to unsuspecting families.

Blame the victim concept in capital crisis ignores the fact that appified and mobified finance bazaars has developed and promoted complex digital instruments designed to tempt and confuse borrowers. No government can take strong action to force its partner banks and builders to restructure their greed. Banks make their money not on the interest over the course of the loan but on the sale of the asset-backed security. So, they are incentivized to allow extorting as many new owners for same property. As the government’s entire housing program is based on shifting the burden away from banks, why should banks negotiate instead of looting and fooling home owners?

Most important thing to keep in mind is that walking away only works if you are in a state where the law prevents the bank from suing for other assets. Ideally every democratic govt have a mandate to prevent buyers from strategically defaulting with laws that entitle bank to sue citizens for their other assets including money in bank account, assets and savings of any form. It is imperative that you consult some lawyers to make sure that financiers not put those fancy “civil suits” abusing law and place a lien or sue other assets smartly taking advantage of document frauds, policy lobbying and legal loopholes. How small fishes can legally fight these law-eating sharks? Not impossible to counter plan stealth, collective and cost-effective strike backs as per your time, your terms, staying away from their partner breed’s 5G to 9G ब्रह्‍मास्‍त्र lures!

As a non-capitalist, I can see the market principles has been exposed as a flagrant lie. As it turns out, we don’t all have to pay our debts. Only idealists do! Nothing would be more important than to wipe the slate clean for everyone, mark a break with our accustomed morality, and start again – getting rid of the systems & parties at a fundamental level.

What is a debt, anyway? A debt is just the perversion of a promise. It is a promise corrupted by both math and violence. If freedom (real freedom) is the ability to make friends, then it is also, necessarily, the ability to make real promises. What sorts of promises might genuinely free humans make to one another? It’s more a question of how we can get to a place that will allow us to find out. And the first step in that journey, in turn, is to accept that in the largest scheme of things, just as no one has the right to tell us our true value, no one has the right to tell us what we truly owe. Strike back financial terror, which are just glorified manifestations of human trafficking.

In West, the theory has not worked for commoners, neither here despite marwadi gujju cleverness. It has rather made rich get richer. The top 1% now control wealth of the rest. We find elections rigged, poor extorted, tech abused, morality raped, EVMs tampered, populism released, media hyped resulting in political power passing into hands of those nominated or sponsored by capitalists or its proxy pimps.

End Result: More corrupt financial capitalism fostering the culture of scams and collection extortion via banking executives in collusion with call center & mobile apps mafia. Scams have centered around malpractices in corporate governance: owners and promoters of companies and banks have defrauded small investors to enrich themselves abusing legal, accounting, taxation, enforcement, investigative & documentation systems.

All of above will be complete crap for the 1% beneficiary (लाभार्थी) celebrities & capitalists. As affordable hype guinea pigs, financial revolutions are needed only for 99% commoners, to not fulfill any obligations, to refuse cooperating with the system as it currently exists. Why keep paying our hard-earned rights to the capital mob? We know our resources could be better spent. Remember: we don’t owe financial mafia or their promoters anything whatsoever.

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