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A forerunner in web development and application development offering entire range of e-commerce solution is constantly working towards providing the industry with something unique and user friendly. After creating multiple positive waves in IT industry and contributing immensely towards web development sector since 2000, once again Netcommlabs is here with its latest launch of a product – amazing E-Commerce facility for all the retailers out there who want to sell their products through an online portal.

The kind of “ease to use” it is providing to its customer is going make it famous amongst the online retailers within a very short span of time. No wonder if it will become their favourite too. Quickwebstore has overcome the problems which retailers use to face while the online sales and not only this it will also provide uniqueness and highlights to their portal so that it is noticed publically.

Let’s have a quick look at its extraordinary features:

It has lived up to its tagline which says “Its e-commerce made simple”, thereby making it extremely easy and user friendly for both user and the retailer. Navigation was never as easy as it is now with

Retailers can manage the information on the site very easily. They can search for their customers through their name or e-mail address and can also use customer registered profile for the same.

Not all the features available are used by all the retailers so to make sure that retailers pay only for the features they are using, here are three bifurcations ranging from basic to advance version of packages and customization option is available to these packages. So in a basic package, retailer can advertise upto 150 products within 20 categories. Similarly as we move towards higher version package, the prices will go up accordingly.

Every start-up and grown-up business needs that push to make it among the best. The first step for a business to enter and survive the crowded online world is to have an amazingly distinct website accessible on all devices. A website speaks thousand words. It can either increase or decrease the number of customers. A good website can only be designed by a committed pro who thoroughly understands your business apart from cutting-edge digital technologies. In order to diagnose clients’ issues and provide them with most user-friendly and cost-effective solution, some efficient web design companies has tied up with many public and private sectors. This has made a revolution in e-commerce industry.

The dedication experienced to constantly come up with something new and revolutionary is what makes it an extraordinary web development company. With its contribution for more than 19 years to IT, the industry has certainly raised the bar. With this revolutionary approach which this website development company has come up with, we can look forward to more of such innovative ideas. (Jun 1, 2015)

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