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National territories or ideals are not owned by citizens, real owners are the glorified crooks. For example, the NSA’s ability to piggyback off of private companies’ tracking of their own internet users is a vital instrument that allows many such national agencies to trace the data it collects from individual users. It makes no difference if visitors switch to public Wi-Fi networks, use proxies, secure browsers, mobiles, modify privacy settings, use amplifiers, tablets or connect to VPNs to change their IP addresses: the tracking cookie will follow them around as long as they are using the same web browser / mobile app (or even from Windows, Android, iOS, Embedded Linux / Unix or any other OS level itself) and fail to clear their cookies or drastically tweak the default code base.

Slides released by The Intercept give detailed guides to understanding the data transmitted by these cookies, as well as how to find unique machine identifiers that analysts can use to differentiate between multiple machines using the same IP address. Enough said about how spy agencies piggyback on social media account data to find Internet users’ names or other identifying info, and more such info drive home the point that HTTP cookies leave users vulnerable to government and competitor surveillance, since any paying intermediary friend (even murderers or spy agencies) can read the sensitive data they contain.

Copying success of creeping big giants like Microsoft, Google, Meta Facebook, Amazon etc.. the govt pampered telecom monopolies are strategically forming via so-called Merger & Acquisitions – A boom for easy privacy trade hyping FAANG’s AI Big Data? Lesser the number of telecom and digital players, its easier for the Govt to manage privacy data abuse with outstanding stealth. Are the ill-informed GenXYZ and hyped consumer slaves not being deliberately coerced to the mercy of telecom oligarchies subservient to malicious political intents?

It is not unusual for the smart gangs to manufacture network problems, ban / promote / throttle both wired and wireless Internet users and inject strategic outages for achieving the desired political goals and allow its capitalistic donors to extort more money by increasing data price from end consumers plus diversify into allied data trade (extra bonus) especially in times of health distress & upcoming disasters. Many smaller competitors already strategically buried earlier with help of Govt agents. If BSNL or MTNL benefits (highly unlikely given ruling cronies) due to current crisis instead of Jio or Airtel, some good long-term prospects. More at https://wisepoint.org/1380

Cookies courtesy crooks!
Cookies courtesy piggy crooks!

Source and Read More: https://eff.org/r.l37t – Jul 10, 2015

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