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India’s oldest property website (www.realestatetimes.in) has been revamped to make it easier for property owners and property seekers to connect with each other without those fancy middle-ware apps. Realestatetimes.in allows owners to list their properties for free and offer them for rent. The portal is now clean, integrated with Real Estate Times and easy to navigate, with highly user-friendly interfaces. The portal is well designed for listing different types of properties, with very varied specifications. At the same time, the site provides tools to find a suitable property quickly.

One can easily create an account and get unique login details. Property owners can simply create a profile on Real Estate Times and add multiple rooms or properties for rent. One can list any kind of accommodation, from a quaint villa in the countryside to a room in an apartment building. Even if one has a spare bedroom with an attached bathroom, it can be listed to be rented out. The portal enables property owners to upload images of their accommodations to make the offering more attractive, while also allowing them to choose the rent. The reach of the portal is global and therefore the properties can be showcased to a large audience. The control of information is in the owner’s hands and the website has a strict privacy policy (Dec 28, 2015).

For property seekers, the portal has a powerful search function. One can filter their searches using various criteria to ensure that they can find the right match for their specific needs. Property seekers have a lot of information available to make an informed decision. The profiles of the properties include details such as the location, size and rent of the property. Signup and starting posting. Real Estate Times editors will surely consider to recommend you as reliable contributor or source once there are some good and worthy contributions.

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