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Ahmedabad: A juicy 2020 extravaganza with great antisocial brands on obese stadiums unveiling grand India-US shining statues & structures, meddling each other’s democratic fortunes with mass entertainment hypnosis, primarily targeted at NRIs for upcoming US Elections, corporate traders and the H1B nationalists. Our desi right-winger counterparts (tagged wahhabis, jugaadu, yankees, jihadis, bhakts, etc..) are working hard extra time to अभिषेक an international hoax armed with Romeo Apache Mishra WMD 🤣 for handsome returns en-route investment for cronies & co. This is on top of the role of corporate donations and campaign bribes by billionaire oligarchs in installing their preferred candidates in power crushing both countries’ great value systems and principles of social harmony & peaceful co-existence.

The Washington Post, owned by billionaire oligarch Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, has consistently opposed efforts to expose its class and combat social inequality. Its editorial board has pilloried proposals by socialists to tax the richest Americans, and has condemned research by inequality investigators. Its release of reports condemning socialism just one day before election caucuses in US, seen as a pivotal point in socialists’ cementing lead as the front runner, is a classic viral disinformation operation by the intelligence and bio-weaponized security agencies, to which #PaidMedia is politically allied for gains.

Such releases are aimed at threatening and intimidating voters who would otherwise support socialists. A report, without any detail, substantiation or proof, instantly became the lead story on election night, as voters goes to polls on next day. Report names no sources, does not identify the nature of the government officials, and provides no information about the content of the alleged support by foreigners. No facts are presented to substantiate the vague claim of foreign government backing for the socialist campaigns, just viral fake news 💱 backdoor advert bribes from capitalists.

US Democratic Socialism candidate in one breath denounces billionaire oligarchies who are trying to buy US election, and in the next had to declare, no matter who wins, we are going to come together to defeat the most dangerous president in history… There are fierce counter concerns over growth of anti-capitalist and pro-socialist sentiments and the upsurge in the class struggle of which selfless socialists will always remain initial and right beneficiaries as is the case since many centuries of human civilizations. Starting last decade, the financial oligarchy is incensed and frightened by socialists’ calls for modest increases in wealth taxes, socialist talk of free education, ending private health insurance / safeguarding basic citizen services and reining in the profits of the corporate giants, and socialist appeals to popular anger over the staggering levels of social inequality.

Ref: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/02/22/sand-f22.html

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  1. It takes two to tango. Whatsapp Facebook university is great in misguiding us. Pre-planned for a Delhi Judge, why not plan transfer of this right-wing Govt & its bhakts to its favorite capital – Ahmedabad or Lahore, making Delhi and India much safer? Even a 3 years kid can guess, who appears & acts like Raavan in today hate politics + religion market. Smell the coffee, understandably its painful for anyone to regret to have supported these Ram-Alla masked rioting mafia imported from across the borders.

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