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Dec 30, 2016: We rely more on virtual or digital contact with each other and experience less personal face-to-face contact.  But, in the most important and valuable transaction we make – buying or selling a property – having a strong personal connection with a real estate professional is highly desired. Buyers choose someone with a good reputation, proven track record, and honesty. By building these qualities into your marketing strategy, you will build trust among buyers and sellers, which will ultimately strengthen your personal brand and strong branding paves the way for successful lead generation.

Honest and trustworthy
Good reputation but less hype
Nice negotiation skills
Knowledge of the location
Caring personality and good listener
Timely with responses

Many agents, sellers and builders rely on their listings on big portals promoted by bigger brands as marketing program, but placing your listings on any clumsy or hyped website does little to convey your personal brand to prospective clients. As buyers and sellers are attracted to real estate agents who will negotiate better sales contract terms, provide a better list of service providers, and overall shorten the buying or selling process, for example, they look for this type of information in selecting the agent who will represent them.  By promoting these qualities on clean and good websites, you will help develop an even stronger reputation as a real estate professional, more credibility and, ultimately, more quality clients.

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