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Dec 30, 2016: Focus on Improving Internet Connectivity Through Fixed and Mobile Broadband to Drive Revenue Growth analyses telecom industry performance and future outlook in Belgium. It discussed in depth analysis of telecom sector in Belgium covering historical and forecasted figures including fixed telephony, fixed Internet, mobile voice and mobile data. It discusses major trends and competitive landscape of the major players in the market. Further report includes quantitative analysis and finding near-term opportunities for operators, vendors and investors in Belgium’s telecommunications market.

Belgium is one of the advanced economies of the world. It has effectively capitalised on its central geographic location, highly developed transport network and diversified industrial and commercial base. The telecommunication market of the nation is no exception. It is highly extensive and advanced. It has developed adequate infrastructure to support its vast mobile and land based telecom.

Belgium being one of the most densely populated countries in Europe was initially slow to adopt the internet and related data and broadband as only 19.5% could access internet in the year 2000.The scenario witnessed an exponential rise 2009 after which the growth has been pretty strong.

Belgium telecom market has been a beneficiary of comprehensive DSL and cable networks, which is effectively complemented by limited fibre deployments. It has attracted investment from region`s biggest companies like Liberty Global and Orange Group. There has been significant development in the competitive landscape in recent years, fostered by the regulatory measures which requires cablecos to allow competitors.

The telecom sector continues to be at the epicentre for growth innovation and disruption for virtually any industry. With the recent surge in demands of Iot(internet of things)and related technologies it will continue growing. The regulatory environment and trends which pertains to spectrum licensing, national broadband plans, number portability and more only indicate a positive development in the telecom sector

Key topics covered in the report-
– Analysis of the telecommunication market
– Analysis of economic factors affecting the internet connectivity
– Current consumer trends and behaviour in demographic and political context
– Analysis of current telecommunication trends and their future prospects
– Future of the market

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