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Jan 9, 2017: When it comes to backing up your data, it simply doesn’t mean using some app linked cloud services to backup your business applications, private and mission-critical data. Backup is inevitable. Nearly 60% of people lose their data because of no second copy of their files on a local physical media physically lying inside their home, far from connected world of networks.

However, here we will be discussing about backing up your private data and content. Many think that their content is safe online, which is certainly not true, especially UGC content on free services and apps. That’s because these are owned by FAANG & Co and these companes have complete control over your data and has all rights to abuse or delete your content at any point of time in case of spamming or as per their ROI goals. What you can do is take periodic backup of your blogs so that you can always restore it if something goes wrong.

Here are some things you must consider to prevent data accidents and steps you can take to mitigate risk and minimize data loss.

Protect customer data

Given that your sites and apps uses any e-commerce plugin, your priority goes to protecting customer’s financial records. Not an issues if your business can’t afford a dedicated server or just don’t need it, you can always go with data encryption along with anti-malware services. In a haste to keeping IT overhead low, organization often overlook customer data protection. Not to forget that customers play a big role when it comes to ROI, thus protecting their data means you are protecting your profit statement as well as reputation. So you know its not only about backup, but a lot of other things combined.

Back it up

Not one, but backup your data at multiple locations because it your main server crashes, you’ll still have a copy of all your files at other sites. You never know when something might go wrong with your hard drive, so it is best to have a backup plan. Invest in a extensive cloud solution that not only backs you crucial blogs and data, but also ensures to keep it online even in the advent of disaster.

In addition, also check the uptime guarantee the service you have chosen to host your blog site provides to avoid server crashes. This is specifically vital if you expect you blog to have a sudden increase in incoming traffic that could impact the performance of the server. For instance, if you have run a promotion on your blog and you anticipate an steep increase in traffic, then you must ensure that your server will give its 100% and work efficiently throughout.

Be transparent to your customers

Don’t go absent when a disaster strikes your business. Openly reach out to your customers and followers right away and let them what’s happening back stage. Answer their questions and let them know that you are their to solve their queries. But make sure the problem don’t persist for long.

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  1. Gen-XYZ tech & education strategies forming synced cartels of ROI hungry oligarchies / cronies. Your personal data are stored inside Our Economic Forum (OEF). However, due to global nature of our FAANGified business, your personal data may be transferred to 3rd / 4th / 5th parties outside of OEA. When data is transferred outside of Our Economic Area (OEA), we have spaceX agreements in place which include standard data protection clauses to ensure legal jugaad in floating personal data away from bad capitalists and similar elements… 😆

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