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No wonder big data and IoT have come a long way and with time, its going to evolve even more. The commencement of a new year also brings in many predictions, let it be technology or other business domain. Let’s take a look at what’s ahead for Big Data and IoT.

Big Data and IoT will evolve

Big Data and IoT is bound to evolve with time and in addition, it will help businesses bloom in the event of uncertain time in numerous ways. Firstly, self-service data preparation will unleash big data potentials. Furthermore, embedded analytics will be replaced by self-service reporting in organizations. Then IoT adoption and convergence with big data will turn automated data deployment a requirement. Artificial Intelligence adopters and machine learning in analytics is likely to gain a big first-mover benefit in the revolutionary business. Finally, cyber security will be the most essential big data use case.

Top executives will assume a bigger role

To improve data center efficiency, c-level executives will have to play larger role that could result in IT facility’s success. As data center and IT strategies still have its impact on companies’ bottom line, the responsibility of top executives will increase, given the significant amount of data loss due to data center outages. In order to take up the responsibilities regarding data center success, the top management will have to understand the data center concept, the issues that IT managers encounter regularly, financial limitations, and requirements of modern tools such as automation, all that aims at improving IT.

With a deeper understanding of the data center and the functionality of IT teams, the c-level executives will be able to contribute in a better way toward improving a range of IT issues such as business continuity, disaster recovery, green data center and many more.

Cognitive era will emerge

Cognitive era of computing will make its debut as it will enable convergence of artificial intelligence, business intelligence, machine learning and real-time analytics in a number of ways that will go on to make real-time intelligence a reality. All of this is possible only due to the impeccable performance given by hardware acceleration of in-memory data store. With the advanced system, there’s no need to define in prior a schema or index as GPU accelerations allows to perform exploratory analytic’s that will b needed for cognitive computing.

Migration of mission-critical applications to cloud will increase

While migration of old systems and applications to innovative encrypted approaches were considered a bit too fragile, migration to cloud servers will increase significantly says experts. Now not only customer-facing applications or web pages such as ecommerce on based on cloud server, but even other large enterprises are making its way to cloud. Cloud-based technology is the future of the IT world as it enable organizations to become more agile, while also offers considerable cost-savings.

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