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We meet and interact with a number of people. Many times these are our potential business prospects. Commonly they ask for our business cards and a typically interested person would always ask for an email with the details. To grab a viewer’s attention not only the content needs to be wonderful, but also the media needs to be equally engaging. Sadly, a large number of emails with such attachments sometimes fall short in grabbing interest cited to have become too common. The reader may be uncertain how much time is it going to take to view the content fully. Also, he may at times feel the content bulky to download.

The same content if presented differently may bring the considerable change in fortunes, for example, if the presentation is converted into a video, could be sent to these prospects easily. The reader is always certain about the duration of video play. – Jan 30, 2017

Why not convert these documents into explainer videos and even GIFs?

Research has proven, audiovisual content is the most attractive and captivating method of sharing ideas. Explainer Videos have a scope of representing more content in lesser space. A video definitely saves the time of going through the whole content till the end. Out of a wide variety to create a video the presentations could be made most content friendly with aesthetic animations and transitions. What people read or see is also backed by audio, so easier to explain and with proper expression. Instead of attaching a pot or pdf with each mail, you could just share the link of your video in the email and save a considerable data in uploads and downloads.

Many new experts are making eye catchy explainer videos known to integrate rich content into audiovisual form. With our state of the art modern video making techniques, how could convert your files a lot quicker and friendlier than the conventional methods and at prices that you won’t believe. So if you are still sending PDF and PPT attachments with your emails its time to upgrade them into videos and low fat GIFs.

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