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Feb 14, 2017: It’s not surprising that the global security market is expected to reach $180 billion by 2025. Last year, there have been a number of high-profile victims that caused massive property damage and this says that even the slightest of security gap can give you the biggest nightmare. While the stakes are high, organizations must ensure to look at digital data security as a critical component and not just as a mere requirement.

Here are a few ways to ensure that company remains safe and out of danger.

Identify security gaps
Data loss, breaches and data theft happen due to poor security implementation. So it surely makes sense to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your ecosystem to recognize security issues where the data could be at risk. You can take professional help to perform this risk assessment that can guide to understand all the things that you need to know about data security such as where it resides in the environment, how it is being used, etc.

Implement multiple layers of security
Most large scale organizations have implemented security programs on the network as it causes minimum organizational friction. Yet there are many reasons that leads to developing security gaps; one of the main cause is VPN. The widespread use of VPN makes it a potential target for attackers as employees access sensitive data through mobile devices that legacy data security approach don’t protect. Due to this, your network will always be susceptible to online threat. Thus, organizations need to opt for multiple, latest security protection approach that can help reduce the intensity of any attack.

Reduce complexity
Keep security approaches easy and simple. Avoid complexity as much possible. The more complicated you make the security procedures for users, chances of breaches will increase as a result of their actions. Enabling devices with individual sign-on will reduce risk and limit impact on end-users.

Consider flexible solutions
Make sure to implement security policies and technologies that are flexible and let users do their job without imposing restrictions. For instance, if a person is unable to gain access to a particular data that is critical for doing any task, they’ll probably find other way to avoid those controls. When organizations implement security solutions, they must ensure to look upon it is flexible enough to address the requirements of their business and their users.

Proper management control
After implementation of the security technology, organizations need to have a team that can effectively manage that technology and have the ability to analyze user behavior on that particular network. The team must have access to the necessary tools and devices to administer and report the data being copied on removable devices or encrypted. Organizations need to ensure that they have taken the essential measures for data protection or else it could lead to penalty.

So instead of being just a supplier of IT solutions or services, data center service providers can contribute their part in securing the digital assets of their customers. With all this, they’re reap the advantage of becoming a trustworthy and reputable channel in the market.

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