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Feb 21, 2017: UK IFAs, Investment Managers & Platforms provides a comprehensive analysis of features and preferences of UK investors and clients of independent financial advisors (IFAs). The report offers insight into platform characteristics, reasons that drive IFAs when selecting platform providers, and demand for discretionary fund managers (DFMs).

It well details the market developments and the evolving landscape of the UK market and properly examines the role IFAs have in providing financial services. Identifies the companies that introduce the most attractive platform packages and investigates the criteria for selection of pension fund providers. It enables the users in identification of how to stay competitive by comprehending IFA preferences.


In the UK, independent financial advisors have been a major distribution network for investors along with, product providers who are expected to perform well for understanding the priorities and criteria advisors use in selecting their investment partners and platforms, especially with an evolving tendency to cooperate with discretionary fund managers.

UK fund platforms have recorded a continuous growth in their market share by providing both advisors and direct investors with access to a range of products and these platforms reckoned for 52% of industry gross retail sales.

The factors that drive the demand for products are:
• Cost functions (Cost is the main driver for switching platforms, highlighting the increasingly commoditized nature of the service.)
• The quality of administrative and reporting functions
• The investment fund range

There is an ever growing interest in the use of model portfolios and discretionary portfolio management that are led by clients’ preference for a better investment range and less administration and as a result the industry is forecasted to expand and earn great revenue in the years to proceed.

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