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India is one of the emerging country as a hub for world class medical facilities. Indian doctors are the leading practitioners in the area of medicine across the world, also patients from various parts of the world are coming to India for the treatment.

Credihealth is one of the best medical assistance company that gives guidance to a patient from the first consultation through the complete hospitalization procedure. An experienced team of in-house doctors at Credihealth helps the patient find the right doctor, book appointment, request cost estimation for procedures and manage admission & discharge processes. Credihealth also tries to enhance its services to support and assist patients in a more reliable way.

We provide both domestic as well as the international patients reliable information on Indian healthcare providers. Our comprehensive aim is to start ‘The Right Cost Movement’ in Indian healthcare. Every person and there family members has a healthcare necessity and we are here to assist you in your time of need. Our core business lies in providing customers with reliable, credible and comprehensive information about the hospitals and large healthcare institutions.

Our customers then use this given information to compare and book appointments in the best and top hospitals. And, using our web portal or mobile app, they have the comfort of booking the doctor’s appointment with the click of a button from the comfort of their own homes. Be it a regular day care procedure or any serious, complicated admission, our team of doctors will help you get the best treatment at reasonable prices.

Credihealth.com is the go-to-site for both the individuals as well as for the corporates. In case of any urgency by the patient, a call is made from the Credihealth Customer Service confirming their appointment in addition to granting them a distinctive discount. After that the patient follows up with the doctor fixed by Credihealth and their precious feedback adds to the credit of Credihealth.

We totally support the patient throughout the complete journey of their hospital experience. We have a innovative model that challenges the conventions of traditional healthcare. Our key differentiators are tie-ups with the marquee hospitals and Healthcare Providers across India; Second Opinion services; exclusive discounts on various health packages, Verified Patient Feedback & Referrals; specialized procedures and surgeries in the top leading Hospitals; Healthcare caretaker Services; Premium content – health articles, blogs, videos, interaction with in-house doctors.

We envisage a healthcare ecosystem where citizens from around the globe can immediately find credible and reliable answers to their medical problems, with simple and easy access to the best healthcare experts to guide them towards a healthier, happier and more satisfied life. More at credihealth.com

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