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Mar 16, 2019: Global Construction Glass Market Status, 2011-2025 Market Historical and Forecasts, Professional Market Research Report renders extensive market data on the global and regional market (involving the capacity, production, capacity utilization rate, price, revenue, cost, etc,), performance of major manufacturers along with the segment market details on divergent classifications and applications. This taps on the basic scope of this industry like definition, specification, classification, industry policy and news. It also represents the analysis regarding industry chain including the up and down stream industry along with the key market players. In addition, the report also engulfs the analyzed market forecast from the year 2019 to 2025 for global and regional market with an aim to also provide an impetus to the new project investment feasibility.

Industry Overview & Positive Outlook
The Global Construction Glass market size has been on a rapid escalation since the past few years and is anticipated to further proliferate in diverse regions of the world. Construction glass typically refers to a translucent coating material deployed for the formation of glass windows, glass doors, transparent walls, etc. This glass is endowed with numerous physical and chemical properties such as water proofing, thermal insulation, energy conservation, electric resistant, chemical resistant and survives the various climatic changes as well, thus, reluctantly preferred as an efficacious material by many industrialists alongside replacing the use of the conventional forms of building materials such as wood, bricks, etc.

On the basis of regions, Asia-Pacific has been predominantly ruling over the construction glass market and is expected to witness increased growth during the forecast period as well. Developing countries such as India, Malaysia, Thailand and China are experiencing the rapid growth of industrialization leading to elevated construction activities, thus, fulfilling the Asia-Pacific region to be one of the leading markets in the Global landscape. Whereas, in developed countries like North America and Europe, the market of construction glass is presumed to prevail in a steady manner along with encountering positive growth during the mentioned forecast period.

There are several factors driving the augmentation of the global market of construction glass. In addition to the blooming industrialization, the rising population, the rising urbanization of the localized areas, the rising per capita income, rising inclinations towards safe and sustainable housing, rising demand for value added products, for better and economical raw materials, competition, aggressive pricing, rising consumer spending, high disposable income, and majorly the changing mindsets of residential consumers have been the main drivers of the exponential growth and are likely to boost the desire for construction glass during the forecast years in the global market.

Market Segmentation
The construction glass market is essentially segmented based on type, chemical composition, manufacturing process, application and geography. Based on type, it can be classified into low-e glass and special e-glass. Based on chemical composition, it can be classified into soda-lime, potash-lime and potash-lead. Based on manufacturing process, it can be divided into float process and rolled/sheet process. Based on application, it can be categorized into residential, commercial and others.

The paramount share accounted as of yet on the basis of application is by the commercial and others market segment together with expected rise during the forecast period owing to reasons such as increased construction of green and energy-efficient buildings. On the basis of type, special glass including flat, laminated and toughened glass accounted for the stupendous market share owing to reasons such as their remarkable property for natural insulation, protection from UV rays & noise pollution.

The leading global key companies operating within the construction glass business include Asahi Glass, Central Glass Co. Ltd., China Glass Holdings Limited, Guardian Industries, Nippon Sheet Glass (NSG), PPG Industries, Saint-Gobain, Schott AG, Sisecam Group, Xinyi Glass Holdings Limited and others. The market is highly anticipated to grow and expand in the upcoming years.

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