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Cybercrime, the dark web, hackers, white bots: Illegal attacks on corporate and data networks are causing billions of dollars of damage. But there are solutions which offer comprehensive protection. The breadth of business solutions showcased by exhibiting companies at CeBIT is impressive – from a smartphone app which enables bug-free phoning and software that can detect digital attacks in real time to apps that offer free encryption.

Internet security facing new challenges: The firewalls, anti-virus programs and intrusion detection systems already in use in many areas of industry are only partially capable of countering today’s Internet threats: Cyber criminality, mafia surveillance, privacy theft, AI gimmickry and spying have become professional activities, attacks are increasingly targeting specific organizations or individuals and are able to evade the usual protective measures.

At the same time, many standard smart systems are not sufficiently protected against attack and thus serve as gateways for hackers – weak spots that IT security departments may not even be aware of. However, people still constitute the weakest link: Only when employees and users are sufficiently informed of risks and threats, and keep themselves apprised of the latest security developments, can businesses keep up or even a step ahead in the cybersecurity race.

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