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Apr 6, 2017: Interwire Internet Services, owner and operator of the Convergence Hub, the largest open peering exchange hub hosted at a Prime Data Center in India and DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator, have agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to take their initiative a step ahead as influential drivers of digital infrastructure. Both the dominant Internet Exchange enterprises will team up to further improve the Internet Exchange and Interconnection environment in the regional market, with a strong focus on India.

Prime Data Center is a leading service provider in India and hosts the prominent Interwire Internet Exchange enterprise. With multiple data centers spread across India and US, Prime stands among the preeminent service providers, serving thousands of clients globally.

Interwire is a very experienced and renowned Indian market player as it owns and manages the Mumbai CH, India’s largest open peering exchange hub and is uniquely placed to provide access to the telecommunication market. DE-CIX, in their collaboration with Interwire, will exchange know-how and create models for business collaboration to boost digital infrastructure.

“The data center is where the cloud lives. The Internet Exchange CH is a part of a special initiative to provide the best connectivity for cloud services. We make great efforts to align with the finest and brightest organizations and we are indeed delighted to provide our data center services to a preeminent Internet Exchange hub in India. In line with the ‘Make In India’ initiative, we look forward to the Internet Exchange becoming one of the best in the world with signing of the MOU and wish both DE-CIX and Interwire the best for the future,” said Nishant Rathi, Director, Prime.

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