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A comprehensive analysis of the healthcare market in Qatar. The report focuses on the hospitals and clinics, medical devices used in the hospital setting, diagnostic laboratories, clinics and polyclinics, pharmaceutical drugs and injectable used for treatment and diagnostic purposes, and services provided by healthcare providers. Covers aspects such as overall healthcare market by its key segments including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, independent diagnostic laboratories, clinics/polyclinics, retail pharmacy and their sub-segments.

Know the competitive landscape in each section, which discusses the major market players in every segment along with the detailed discussion about the organization. The future analysis of overall Qatar Healthcare has also been discussed along with recommendations from analyst view. The report also includes information about health insurance in Qatar, regulatory bodies governing healthcare policies in Qatar, regulations which impact healthcare market and procedure to import medical devices and pharmaceuticals in the country.

Market Potential
Qatar healthcare market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world with the growth rate of ~% during the period 2011-2016. People across Qatar are facing several health care issues due to sedentary lifestyle and fast food consumption habits, such as obesity, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases, which are demanding for technologically advanced healthcare infrastructure. Qatar has been exponentially expanding its national healthcare system to cater the needs of its people and support economic diversification. The country has been developing its infrastructure including hospitals, diagnostic labs, and clinics in addition to the development of local clinicians, physicians and specialized doctors. In addition to all these factors, fast rising and ageing population in the country further add to the advantages for Qatar healthcare market.

Medical Devices Market
Qatar is an import driven market in context to medical devices. The imports of medical devices accounted for a lion share of ~% from the total revenue market in 2018. The market is observed to grow at a rapid pace of ~% by value from 2013 to 2018 owing to the expanding healthcare infrastructure in the country; both the government and private healthcare sector are investing heavily to provide country satisfactory healthcare solutions to the residents and expats. Diagnostic imaging products were observed to capture the major share of the market (~% in 2018), however Scintigraphic apparatus and Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus recorded the highest growth in 2018. Qatar having one of the highest GDP per capita, the healthcare professionals and citizens across the nation prefer the branded medical devices from Roche, Abbott, Biomeriux, Becton Dickinson, providing all of them leading position in the market. The top three players together captured around ~% of the total revenue share in 2020.

Pharmaceuticals Market
Pharmaceuticals market is highly dependent upon imports of pharmaceutical products. Imports accounted for ~% of the total revenue in 2018 for pharmaceuticals market in Qatar. The rising prevalence of chronic diseases among the fast growing population of Qatar was the major factor responsible for the growth of the pharmaceutical products market in Qatar at rapid rate. Patented drugs were observed to be preferred more than generic drugs and captured a revenue share of ~% in 2018. Qatar Pharma is the major domestic player which is manufacturing drugs for the Qatar pharmaceuticals market. Drugs were imported from a plethora of companies including Roche, MSD (Merck), GSK, Novartis, Sanofi, AstraZeneca and others. The top three players together captured a market share of ~% as of 2018. Among prescribed and OTC drugs, prescribed drugs accounted for ~% of the market share. In context to therapeutic area, high prevalence of diabetes in the region has led to demand for diabetes management pharmaceutical products providing it dominance over other therapeutic class with share of ~% in 2018.

Hospitals Market
Hospitals market in Qatar has experienced rapid increase in number of inpatients and outpatients from 2013 to 2018. Although the number of hospitals has been constant for the last few years, number of inpatients and outpatients increased at a CAGR of ~% and ~% respectively during 2013-2018. Contribution from pharmacy store increased to a high extent owing to the increased sales of medical devices and cosmetic products from hospital based pharmacies, generating high revenue. Private hospitals were observed to be major revenue generator with ~% of revenue share in 2018. HMC was the largest provider of healthcare services in the country.

Independent Diagnostic Laboratories Market
Independent diagnostic laboratories is most recently established market in Qatar with revenue of USD ~ million in 2018 and exhibiting growth at a CAGR of ~% during the period 2013-2018. The rising self care attitude among people coupled with increasing prevalence of chronic diseases was the major factor which has led to growth of independent diagnostic laboratories. These laboratories are actively engaged in providing pathology tests, and pathology tests contributed approximately ~% of the total revenue in 2018. Radiology tests generated comparatively lower share of the market majorly due to presence of limited number of radiology services including X-ray and ultrasound and higher prescription of pathology tests over radiology tests.

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