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Apr 20, 2017: Today, Argentina is one of the most attractive places when it comes to investing in the construction industry. The current political mood in the country is in favor of the retail buildings construction industry with the government of Argentina bringing more reforms to boost this sector.

A recently released report, forecasts a rapid growth in Argentina’s retail buildings construction. The report attributes the spur in this industry to the increase in construction of shopping malls, corporate offices, residential places, community centers, power stations, lifestyle & entertainment-retail centers and multi-purpose high risers.

International economic observers are amazed at the fast growth and recovery shown by Argentina’s economy. The country has been able to reduce its financial account deficits, generate robust trade surplus and stabilize its economy by following effective economic reforms.

The government of Argentina has launched initiatives and policy changes to remove the obstacles to the growth of the retail buildings construction industry. Besides, recovering economy, presence of entrepreneurs and investors, rising consumer demand, government’s support along with improvements in technology will also drive Argentina’s retail buildings construction to a bright future of good growth.

Another factor catalyzing the growth of the retail buildings construction is rise in the public and private partnerships, which have been missing in the past. The foreign direct investment is also expected to play a pivotal role in country’s retail sector as Argentina attracts entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world due to the flexible international trade policies of its government.

Argentina boasts of the highest per capita income in South America, ample supply of skilled labor, and high availability of natural resources. The other advantageous factor is that Argentina’s economy is one of the most diverse economies in the world. Currently the country is making great strides in both the goods and services sectors. All these factors strongly favor high growth of the country’s retail buildings construction industry.

The growth in the retail buildings construction industry will lead to creation of jobs which will further contribute to Argentina’s overall economic well-being.

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