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Equipment Monitoring Market and analysis of impact of COVID-19 on the revenue of market leaders, followers, and disrupts. Since lock down was implemented differently in different regions and countries, impact of same is also different by regions and segments. Equipment monitoring system are capable of growth as a developed infrastructure system that works on implementing optimal operation and manages the energy management system as well.

Advancements in equipment monitoring system are made by manufacturers to ensure those cooperate with energy management systems for enhanced functionality. The system being made allows minimization in introduction cost and time while cooperating with integrated energy management systems. In addition to these normal functionalities. It is further being equipped with schedule control function, customization function, and demand monitoring function that is based on a simple language making it more compatible.

The technology of process control allows access to the much needed information required to trend machinery and system performance parameters. All of these parameters are monitored and alarms are being set for out-of-tolerance conditions allowing people to know in case of discrepancies. This is especially true for systems more than the individual machines unless the processes are critical or where individual monitoring can be justified. On-premise equipment monitoring held a significant share in the equipment monitoring market.

Industries such power generation and chemical among other rely heavily on time management across the factory floor space where default across any part may result in malfunctioning of the whole process thereby sabotaging the production process. For factors like these, there has been a rise in application of equipment monitoring systems. However, the costs associated with it along with technical expertise pose certain challenges towards the implementation of the equipment monitoring system.

Major markets for Equipment Monitoring globally are China and India. The rise in the need for managing the operational efficiencies of the equipment being used in different facilities has led to the high growth and demand for equipment monitoring market. There have been instances in the past that have shown the utility of performance assessment of equipment which if not to a great extent, but at least works to enhance the efficiency of the manufacturing companies across different industries.

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