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Toradex is excited to welcome Christmann Informationstechnik + Medien GmbH & Co. KG from Germany in its partner program. Christmann is offering the RECS®|Box Atlas Quad Apalis Evaluation platform, and the RECS®|Box Antares and Arneb 19” 1RU server enclosures which can run 24 and 72 Apalis System on Modules respectively in a cluster configuration.

Apalis ARM based System on a Modules are available in different configurations. For example, with the NVIDIA® TK1 SoC with a 4 core Cortex-A15 with 2.1 GHz and a GPU with 192 CUDA cores. The unified memory between GPU and CPU avoids the PCIe bottleneck in data sharing between CPU and GPU. Toradex also announced an upcoming Apalis SoM based on the i.MX 8 from NXP®.

RECS®|Box Atlas Quad Apalis supports 4 Apalis System on Modules in an evaluation setting on your desk. The same Atlas baseboard can also be used in bigger installations with even more modules. Besides the necessary infrastructure to support the modules, the Christmann baseboard features on-board Gigabit Ethernet switches for two separate network interfaces. It also includes KVM switching (video and USB) and monitoring capabilities (voltage, power usage, and temperature).

The Atlas evaluation kit and the RECS®|Box servers share the same intuitive management software to monitor and control all the modules closely. The management provides different interfaces, from a WebGUI that can be used in a browser over Nagios integration to a RESTful API. The Atlas provides two times gigabit Ethernet (if supported by the modules), three USB ports and one HDMI connector. The management software controls the board via a USB connection and runs under Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

More on Christmann’s Apalis ecosystem: RECS®|Box Atlas Quad Apalisand RECS®|Box Antares.

To learn more about the Toradex Apalis ecosystem, visit Toradex at the ongoing GPU Technology Conference at San Jose Convention Center, CA.

Other chances to chat with Toradex Engineers are:

Embedded Systems Expo, Tokyo, Japan, May 10-12
Internet of Things World, Santa Clara, USA, May 16-18
Hello IoT World!, Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 23-25

About Toradex:

Toradex is a Switzerland based company with offices around the world, offering rugged and compact ARM-based System on Modules (SoMs) and Customized SBCs. Powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2, Tegra 3 and Tegra K1 processors and NXP i.MX 6, i.MX 7 & Vybrid, the pin-compatible SoMs offer scalability in terms of price, performance, power consumption, and I/Os. Complemented with direct online sales and long-term product availability, Toradex offers direct premium support and ex-stock availability with local warehouses. For more information, please visit toradex.com

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